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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 324

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Chapter 324 I’m Not a Fool

Christopher was speechless. Was Alec prepared to attack him because he knew that he was here. to
steal Jenny away from him? What a bold man! Didn’t he know who Christopher was?

Christopher got down the car. He wanted to see for himself what Alec was about to do.

Alec was shocked to see him. He frowned, but before he could say anything, Christopher spoke first.
“What are you going to do to me, Alec? Do you dare to attack me?”

“Why are you following us?” Alec asked.

Christopher felt a little guilty, but he quickly recovered. “What do you mean? I wanted to go to this
restaurant. What, are you the only people who can come here?” Although he was determined to steal
Jenny away, he was at a loss for what to do.

Alec glanced at him and gestured for Vincent to take his men away. He led Jenny to the restaurant,
ignoring Christopher’s presence.

Christopher followed them quickly and walked beside Jenny with a smile. “Let’s eat together, Jenny. I
don’t have a friend in Parrington. You’re not going to ignore me now, are you?”

He was invading her personal space, and Alec’s face turned sour. “Don’t you know what harassment
is? Do you think this is appropriate?”

“Of course. There’s nothing inappropriate about this.” Christopher was being very bold. He was
determined to tag along.

Alec’s face darkened. He wanted nothing more than to punch him.

“It’s okay,” Jenny said hurriedly. “He can eat with us.”

“Jenny!” Alec was unhappy, but Jenny smiled and whispered something to him. Alec looked better at
once, but he still glared at Christopher.

They found a place to sit in the restaurant.

Christopher was feeling unpleasant. He’d seen how sweet Jenny and Alec were together. Maybe they
truly had feelings for each other, but he dismissed the thought when he remembered his grandfather’s
words. Alec was definitely faking it to win Jenny’s trust. He couldn’t fool him.

“What do you want to eat?” Alec handed Jenny the menu.

Jenny didn’t hold herself back. She and Alec were a couple now, after all. She ordered a few dishes,
some of which were her favorites and some were Alec’s. Then, she handed it to Christopher. “You just
got to Parrington, so this meal is on us.”

Christopher pursed his lips. He said nothing as he chose his food.

Christopher’s presence prevented Alec from having a romantic conversation with Jenny, so he felt
resentful. Jenny, however, was intrigued by Christopher.

“I’m curious. You said that your motives are the same as Alec’s. What is it, exactly?” she asked.

Christopher froze. “Nothing. I was just spouting nonsense.”

“Nonsense?” Jenny raised an eyebrow, not believing him. “You can’t fool me, Christopher.” She smiled
and continued, “You’re here because of me, aren’t you?” She wasn’t being full of herself at all.
Christopher had indeed admitted that he was there for her.

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