Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 331

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Shut Your Mouth

Alec was already waiting at the door when Jenny arrived at the bar.

“I knew you wouldn’t have the heart to leave me here alone.” He smiled, walking toward her. He took
Jenny’s bag and led her inside.

“Don’t be so presumptuous. I’m here to keep an eye on you so that you won’t go behind my back.”
Jenny followed Alec as they made their way to the second floor.

Alec wasn’t angry at her remark. Instead, he nodded in agreement. “That’s good. I do need someone to
keep an eye on me.”

If Jenny hadn’t come, his buddies would have gotten him some female escorts. Although he wasn’t
interested, he would feel uncomfortable with strangers sitting beside him. Fortunately, she showed up.

As they pushed open the door to the private room, everyone inside looked at them. Alec led Jenny in
and introduced her as his girlfriend. The group chuckled and greeted her. Jenny smiled and greeted
them back.

Alec introduced each of them in turn. “From left to right, they are Lance Quealy, Spencer Nixon, and
Yosef Jones. I’ve known them for many years, and we often drink together. You can say we’re on good

While Alec considered them his friends, they were certainly not as close to him as Paul. Jenny nodded,
having some impression of the three. All of them were famous rich heirs in Parrington. She had done
some research before coming.

“Hey, Jenny.” Spencer raised his glass, grinning. “You’re the first girlfriend Alec has officially introduced
to us. Let me toast you.”

He then drank his glass of alcohol in one go. Jenny also raised her glass and took a sip, only to
discover that it was juice.

“Hello.” Jenny smiled at him in response, assuming Alec probably prepared the juice.

“You should join Alec whenever he comes out to socialize. We’re all easy to get along with,” Spencer

“Sure.” Jenny nodded.

After Spencer went back to his seat, Lance came to greet her with his glass of alcohol as well.

The last one to approach was Yosef, but he had a cold expression and didn’t seem willing to approach
her. Jenny could almost immediately sense that he didn’t like her, but she wasn’t sure why.

“There must be something special about you, Miss Walter. Otherwise, Alec wouldn’t bring you along to
meet us,” Yosef said sarcastically after finishing his drink.

Jenny smiled, not saying a word. He was Alec’s friend, so she had to put up with his impolite behavior
for Alec’s sake.

“I heard from Alec that you’re a doctor,” Yosef suddenly stated. But before Jenny could answer, he
continued, “How much do doctors make these days? I bet you’re over the moon having Alec as a

Jenny’s expression darkened immediately; she could tell what he meant.

Just as she was about to confront him, Alec angrily cut in, “Yosef, shut your mouth if you can’t speak
properly! No one wants to listen to your nonsense.”

“Was I wrong? If it weren’t for your status, would she be with you?” Yosef was convinced that Jenny
was a gold digger, as Alec was normally surrounded by them. The only difference was they weren’t as
successful as Jenny.

Alec’s face became sullen. Just as he was about to blow his top, Jenny calmly said, “Why are you
friends with Alec, then? Isn’t it because he’s rich?”


Jenny cut him off with a sneer, “You don’t even hold back your words for your friend’s sake in public. I
think a friend like you is too much for anyone to handle.”

If Yosef wanted to be nasty, then two could play that game.

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