Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 343

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Just You Wait

“Yes, yes. I will report the truth for sure.” The reporter nodded repeatedly. His hatred toward Miller
burned bright in his heart at that moment. He told them he had something scandalous about Jenny
before they came here. But now, that was not the case at all. She was clearly doing a good deed.

Thanks to Miller, he might have inadvertently gotten himself into trouble. If Jenny told Alec about him,
that would spell the end of his career in Parrington. The reporter considered many things at that
moment and even felt he should leave Parrington immediately to avoid being found by Alec.

Jenny had no idea such a complex activity was taking place in the reporter’s brain. She didn’t care
about him as long as he reported the truth.

After everything was settled, Jenny apologized to Dr. Ledger, “Sorry, Director. It was all my fault. today.
I didn’t expect…”

“No, it wasn’t your fault. Some people are not fit to be fathers, and you did nothing wrong.”

Anyone could tell that Jenny was helping Joey. No one in their right mind would think that she’d
kidnapped Joey for her personal interests.

“Alright, get going now. There’s nothing left to see here. He’s just a scumbag of a father,” Dr. Ledger
said to the onlookers.

Everyone murmured in agreement and left. There was really nothing worth seeing.

After everyone left, Jenny looked at Joey and said, “I’ll take you back to school.”

“You don’t have to. I’ll take a cab, but what about him?” Joey looked at Miller, feeling worried. He was
afraid that after he left, Miller would continue to slander Jenny.

Jenny shook her head. “It’s okay. He won’t trouble you again. Study hard, and don’t worry about
anything else.”

“Okay.” Joey knew the only thing he could do then was to make Jenny feel at ease. He would study
hard and repay her with the best academic results.

Jenny walked Joey to the entrance, watched him get into a taxi, and then returned to her office to wait
for Morgan to get off work. After all, she’d promised to accompany her on the blind date.

As for Miller, she just left him to his own devices. She believed Dr. Ledger could handle it. There wasn’t
really anything left to do but to chase him out of the hospital.

When Morgan arrived at Jenny’s office, she was worried that Jenny would change her mind about
accompanying her on the blind date because of Joey’s matter. However, she found Jenny was already
waiting for her when she got there.

‘Jenny, is that kid okay?” she asked, concerned. Although she wasn’t there at the time, the whole
hospital had heard about the incident, so it was impossible for her to not hear about it too.

Jenny shook her head and picked up her bag. “He’s fine. Come on. Isn’t your date waiting for you?”
After all, Morgan was meeting her date for the first time. Jenny felt it was better to be punctual for the
first meeting.

“Okay.” Morgan didn’t ask further. If Jenny said everything was okay, then it must be okay. Morgan had
this inexplicable sense of confidence in Jenny.

As they left the hospital in Morgan’s car, Jenny didn’t notice that across the street, Miller, who had been
kicked out of the hospital by the director, was still standing there watching their car drive away. He
looked sinister as he glared at the car.

“Bitch! I won’t let you off the hook. Just you wait!”

At Faust Group, Alec had just finished a meeting when his eyelid twitched inexplicably, and he
suddenly had an ominous feeling. He immediately took out his phone and called Jenny. “Are you

off work?”

“Yeah,” Jenny answered. “What about you?”

“I just finished a meeting. I’m going to meet a client later,” Alec replied, relieved after hearing her


“Okay, don’t drink too much,” she reminded him.

“Right, take care of yourself and call me if you need anything.”

After she hung up the call, Jenny put her phone away and looked up, only to find Morgan smiling
cheekily at her. “Jenny, that was definitely your boyfriend. Am I right?”

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