Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 354

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None of Her Business

Jenny slept exceptionally well that night though her injury still pained her from time to time.

When she woke up the next day, she scrolled through her phone as always. The Blooms were hot on
the news once again, but not for anything good. Yvonne’s hatred toward Simone had successfully
garnered the netizens’ attention.

There was news of Simone’s scandals and the Bloom Conglomerate’s change of board. Jenny read
through the article. That man Simone had her investigate had been nabbed for embezzling company
funds. The Blooms were probably not having a good time.

Jenny stretched lazily in bed. The Blooms’ business was none of her concerns right now.

Meanwhile, the Blooms were suffering in tense silence at their family home.

Simone glanced at her father, Elias Bloom, from across the table. He had aged more than she
remembered. His once straight back was now slightly hunched, and his hair had turned at weathered
gray. There wasn’t an ounce of regret in her heart. In fact, she felt like her father deserved what came
to him. If it weren’t for him spoiling Sam, he wouldn’t have raised such a useless piece of trash.

She scowled at Sam and Yvonne, sitting near her father. They were nothing to her. Sam was useless,
and Yvonne’s influence was worth jackshit in this family. She wouldn’t have much power in the Bloom
Conglomerate, either. Once she dealt with Elias, the company would be entirely in her


“Come, sit,” Elias said upon seeing Simone standing in the far corner. She had matured much since
leaving home and wasn’t as dumb as she used to be, he could tell.

Simone sat down without much delay. “Why’d you have me come back?” She wouldn’t have returned if
it weren’t for her father’s relentless calls.

“Were you the one who dealt with Connor Lennings?” he asked without hesitation. Connor Lennings
was the man Simone had Jenny investigate-the one who was arrested for embezzlement.

Simone nodded. “Yeah. Did I do anything wrong? He embezzled the company’s funds, after all.”

“I didn’t say you did anything wrong,” Elias sighed. “We could’ve dealt with it privately, is all. Made him
give us all the money back. Calling the cops was unnecessary.” Not only did they not get the
company’s money back, but they also made the news. What would their shareholders think?

“Do you really think he’d just give you that money?” Simone rolled her eyes. Was her father truly so
foolish now?

Elias sighed and said, “Even if he didn’t, you still shouldn’t have dragged the police into this. Didn’t you
consider how badly the company’s reputation would be affected?”

“You want me to let him go just because it’ll affect the company’s image?”

The messier things got here at the company, the better Simone’s chances of acquiring it. How could
she have inserted those loyal to her into the company if she didn’t deal with those loyal to

her father?

“How dare you speak to Dad like that, Simone?” Sam cried, standing up angrily. “Why did you have to
claim the inheritance now of all times? You were the one who caused all this trouble, weren’t


“If you leave the company to me, I’ll take care of all these scandals once and for all. How’s that sound?”
Simone asked, grinning.

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