Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 358

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You Think I’m Trying to Tear You Two Apart?

Jenny had just finished lunch when someone knocked on her door.

“Who would be here at this hour?” she wondered. She went to the door and opened it hesitantly,

only to find Yvonne Dickman outside. “What are you doing here?” she asked, still surprised.

Yvonne shot her a glare and asked angrily, “Did you persuade Simone to take over Bloom

Jenny blinked for several seconds before laughing. “Yes, I did. Why? Scared?”

“Scared? I have no reason to be scared.” Obviously, Yvonne wouldn’t admit that she was. “Luck is not
in her favor with Elias in the driver’s seat.” She knew just how ruthless the old man could be. That kind
and wise mask of his was just a farce.

“Then why did you come to pay me a visit?” Jenny shot back, crossing her arms over her chest.
Yvonne held back from slapping her. “I was just curious how you and Alec are doing now. Are you two
dating now, hm?”

Jenny didn’t answer, only smirking in response.

“You are?” Yvonne asked incredulously. She never guessed they would end up together so fast.

“Isn’t it considered cheating when you’re still dreaming about another man while married? I’m sure Sam
would throw quite the fit if he knew,” Jenny drawled slowly and confidently. Yvonne was really
something; she had eyes bigger than her stomach.

Yvonne was starting to throw a fit herself. “How could you two be together again? How?!”

“Why can’t we?” Jenny thought she was being quite childish.

“Because you two were once divorced, that’s why!” Yvonne yelled.

Jenny rolled her eyes, ready to shut the door in her face. “That’s our personal business, none of yours.

you have to worry about right now is how to get Bloom Conglomerate into your greedy


Yvonne grabbed onto the door, not letting Jenny close it. “You think you’re special just because you
stole Alec from me twice, bitch?” Jenny frowned, but before she could say anything, Yvonne continued,
“You really think it was love at first sight for him? I’m telling you now-it’s only because you look like that
woman he loves.”

Her ramblings helped Jenny clear up the confusion she had had for some time. She did wonder why
Alec fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Was it really all because of her looks? Jenny shook
herself out of those thoughts. She couldn’t let Yvonne get to her head. “You’re pretty childish, Yvonne
Dickman. Playing these tricks just so you can tear a rift between us.”

“You think I’m trying to tear you two apart?” Yvonne sneered while pointing at Alec’s front door.” Why
don’t you see for yourself if he still kept that woman’s photo under his desk in his study?”

Seems like she had been snooping around his place.

Jenny wasn’t happy with the news. She wasn’t going to waste her breath, though. “Even if he did, so
what? Now, is there anything else you wanna tell me before I shut this door in your face?”

Who didn’t have a past? That woman was Alec’s ex at most. It wasn’t a big deal to her.

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