Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 370

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Don’t Kill Me!

Jenny didn’t waste any time slapping him on each cheek. “Yeah, they’re all passed out on the floor right
now. No one’s coming to save your ass. Scared yet?”

As scared as Winston was, he forced it down. “What…what are you going to do to me? You better let
me go before I make you regret it!”

“Hah.” Jenny scoffed. “Really? I’d like to see you try.

With that, she dragged Winston to the window and shoved him outside.

“N-no, wait!” The entire upper half of his body was now hanging out the window. Cold wind blasted
Winston’s face as he hung from the tall height.

Morgan slipped off the bed, going to Jenny’s side. “He’s not worth it, Jenny…”

As much as she hated Winston, she didn’t want Jenny dirtying her hands with his death. Plus, with the
Murrs being quite influential in Parrington, Morgan would get in big trouble if Winston died. She even
questioned if Alec would come to their rescue if shit really hit the fan.

Jenny had saved her once before. Morgan didn’t want Jenny to be targeted by the Murrs.

“You’re too kind, Morgan. It’s better to remove assholes like this from the world than keep them.” Jenny
began pushing Winston further out the window.

The man was quivering all over. He cried, “Please stop! I’m sorry, I’m sorry-please, I’ll kneel. Please
don’t drop me!”

A pungent smell followed his yelping. Jenny looked down to find that the man had pissed himself.

“Disgusting.” She cringed and pulled Winston back from the windowsill. The man curled up into a ball
beside the window, still shivering. Jenny sneered. “Like I said, I’ll let you off easy this time, but next
time, you’ll have to learn how to fly.”

Winston didn’t have the strength to respond. He was still shaking like a leaf.

“Let’s go.” Jenny left with Morgan, not wasting another second here.

Only after the two left did Winston stop shaking. A hateful, determined look shone in his eyes as he
glared at the door. “I’m gonna fucking get you, Jenny Walter! I swear!”

Meanwhile, Jenny started the car after Morgan jumped in.

“Wanna go home?”

“No, a motel will do. I don’t want my parents to worry,” Morgan explained. Her parents would definitely
freak out if they saw how disheveled she was.

Jenny hummed. “Stay at mine for the night, then.” Without waiting for Morgan’s answer, Jenny drove
back to her apartment.

Morgan bit her lip, mumbling weakly, “Thank you.”

Jenny smirked. “Still want to marry him?”

“Hell no!” Morgan wrinkled her nose. “Not even if someone held a gun to my head.”

Jenny was quite pleased with her answer. “Good. I told you he was a piece of shit.”

Morgan sighed. She only agreed to marry Winston so his family could help hers. But now… if she told
her family about what happened tonight, she was confident they wouldn’t allow the marriage to go


What about her family’s financial issues, though?

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