Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 382

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Not like It Used to Be

Saturday night was La Vie Jen Rose Designs official launch. Jenny had rushed to the office early in the
morning to finalize the preparations.

Jade crept to her side and whispered, “Is Alec coming?”

Jenny grew still. She did call him last night, but he seemed busy with work and couldn’t make it to
tonight’s event.

“No. He’s busy with work.” Jenny shook her head.

Jade looked disappointed. Alec’s attendance would’ve added more influence on the company’s
opening. “It’s fine. I trust our company’s worth,” she murmured, as if reassuring herself.

Once the preparations were complete, they proceeded to the storefront where their models and outfits
were. The staff were busy making sure everything was ready.

“Nervous, Jenny? The world will soon witness your brand’s capabilities.”

Jenny shrugged. “I have faith in my creations.” She gazed at all the outfits ready on their hangers, and
confidence and pride swelled in her chest.

“Good for you, ’cause even I’m nervous.” Jade was actually afraid of disappointing Jenny. She had long
lost her edge after spending years away from the field.

Jenny smiled and encouraged her, “You don’t have to be, Jade. You’ve done your best, and your best
is THE best. Believe in yourself, Jade. Believe in us!”

Jade nodded, beaming at her. She then glanced at Felicity walking past. “Your cousin’s really turned
over a new leaf. She’s been really hard working lately.”

Jenny was surprised to see that too. “Good. That way Uncle David can stop worrying about her.

“Mm. Let’s hope she keeps it up,” Jade agreed.

Their staff quickly settled everything. Jenny and Jade went to the store entrance to get ready for the
opening. They had called up several reporters, so they had to maintain appearances.

Jade cut to the chase. “Thank you for coming to our grand opening. We hope for your continued
support, and we promise we will not disappoint.”

Their store was in an upper-class shopping center frequented by Parrington’s rich and influential. They
now crowded around the shop, hopeful for what it would bring them.

As Jade continued speaking to the press, Max appeared from out of nowhere, squeezing between
Jade and Jenny. “Where’s Alec? Isn’t he coming?”

Jenny frowned. Why was someone asking about Alec again?

She didn’t know how busy he really was; all she knew was that he was going back on his promises but
never telling her the reason. Jenny truly didn’t know if Alec was telling the truth anymore. They hadn’t
seen each other for some time,too, only keeping in touch via text.

Fear struck through Jenny’s heart at the realization that things were not what they used to be.

“I’m not sure. He said he’s been busy. Do you have any clue with what?” Jenny asked Max in return.
She knew his relationship with Alec had eased up some.

Max frowned. “I’m not sure either. There hasn’t been much going on with the Faust Group, so he

shouldn’t be so busy.”

The moment those words left his mouth, he was filled with regret. He quickly added, “But then again,
he might be busy expanding his company’s reach into the country.”

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