Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 386

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I Can Handle It

“What’s her name?”

“Quinn Blue.”

The web browser she had opened up was filled with information about Quinn Blue.

Jenny had been lauded as an academic when she was still in school and even after. But after seeing all
the records and accomplishments this woman had, she suddenly felt inferior. Quinn had both
intellectual and athletic prowess, as well as developed several humanitarian projects.

Jenny shook her head, trying to shake away the sensation from her mind.

Quinn was beautiful, yes; an academic, yes; but that was none of Jenny’s business. They were two
different people.

She shut her laptop, deciding to have a talk with Alec about that woman. If he really only thought of
Jenny as a substitute, then they might as well end things. She wasn’t about to be someone else’s

A knock on the door made her jump in surprise.

Could it be Alec? Did he rush over after hearing what happened at the store?

Jenny hurried to the door, hope gathering in her heart. It had been so long since she’d seen the man in

When she opened the door, she froze in place.

“Are you alright, Jenny? I came over right after I heard what had happened at the store. Don’t you
worry, I’ll take care of everything for you,” Christopher explained, seeing how upset Jenny looked. He
thought she was reacting from the shock at her store.

Disappointment tasted bitter in Jenny’s mouth, along with self-depreciation.

How could Alec not have heard about what happened to La Vie Jen Rose Designs when even
Christopher had? Was he so busy that he couldn’t even come to see how she was doing?

“No need. I can take care of this myself,” Jenny refused. She hadn’t worried about the copycat issue at
all. Felicity could never have guessed that she had cameras installed in her private office and in her
study. All she had to do was get evidence of Felicity meeting up with Yvonne to end this farce once and
for all.

All she needed was time.

“I know you don’t like me, but you shouldn’t have to deal with all this alone. Do you really want to risk
seeing your hard work go to waste and your brand close shop?”

“I really don’t need your help. I have all the evidence I need.” As annoyed as she was with Christopher
and his ulterior motive, she was still grateful for his offer to help.

Seeing how serious she was, Christopher sighed with relief. “Good then. Just let me know if you

need any help.”

Jenny’s doubtful stare bore straight into his soul.

“I promise I just want to help you out. I don’t expect you to repay me with anything.” Christopher
shrugged. Yes, he wanted Jenny to be with him, but he wasn’t that shameless to prey on her in her
time of need.

Jenny smiled. “Really? So, you won’t make me be your girlfriend?”

“Only if you want to-”


Christopher huffed, then asked, “Have you had dinner, by the way?”

Jenny shook her head. She didn’t have much appetite since the incident at her store.

“I’ll treat you then.” Christopher grinned.

“No thanks.” She just wanted to stay at home alone.

“How about…we eat here, then? I’m not too hungry, so you don’t have to make me much,” Christopher
said cautiously.

Jenny stared at him incredulously. “You expect me to make you dinner?”

“Of course,” Christopher responded flatly.

It wasn’t like he knew how to cook.

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