Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 393

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Please Don’t!

“C-cameras…?” Felicity stuttered. “Cameras in her own home? Is Jenny some kind of a control freak?”
she thought.

Jenny chuckled, showing her cousin the clip of her sneaking into her study. “I feel so sorry for Uncle
David, Felicity.”

She had really hoped her cousin would turn over a new leaf.

Felicity gaped at the video, then stammered out, “S-so what? You can’t prove that I gave it to Yvonne!”

Clearly, she had prepared herself for a confrontation.

As if expecting the answer, Jenny showed her another footage. “This is when you stole the finished
clothing from the warehouse.”


And another one. “This one’s when you met with Yvonne’s assistant in person, handing her the
materials. What else can’t I prove, dear cousin?”

Felicity was truly slack-jawed now. “Where did Jenny get her hands on all this footage? She doesn’t
have personal cameras in the public street where she met with Yvonne’s assistant, right? What kind of
skill sets does Jenny have?” These thoughts were running through her mind.

“Report this to the police, Jade.” Jenny sighed and waved her hand. She couldn’t tolerate Felicity any
longer. La Vie Jen Rose Designs couldn’t fail now, and it was time her cousin tasted the consequences
of her actions.

The moment Felicity heard her, she panicked. “Jenny, please…please don’t! I was wrong, I’m sorry! I
won’t do it again, I swear!” She even held onto Jenny’s hand, begging, “Please, please forgive me! I
swear this won’t happen again!”

Jenny wanted to laugh. She shrugged off Felicity’s hand. “We’re grown adults now, Felicity. It’s time
you learned what happens when you make the wrong choices.”


Jenny got up to leave, trusting Jade to handle the rest. She didn’t have to worry about her cousin, just
the matter of telling her uncle about it worried her.

Still, she called her Uncle David.

To her surprise, David wasn’t upset at her. In fact, he felt ashamed of his daughter and regretful about
what happened to Jenny. He even supported having Felicity arrested. It was time his daughter got what
was coming to her.

His wife thought differently. After knowing about her daughter’s arrest, Hannah first argued with her
husband, then came to Parrington to make sure her daughter didn’t suffer in jail.

Jenny sighed in relief after the call with her uncle. She didn’t have much to worry about, now that

her uncle was onboard. She then went to the building entrance, ready to go to the hospital for her
scheduled surgeries in the afternoon.

Max stopped her near the entrance. “Jenny? You’re still in the mood to work after what happened with

“You look happy with that news,” Jenny replied. She just realized that everyone seemed to know about
her breakup.

“Who had leaked the news?” she wondered.

It wasn’t her, so it must be Alec.

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