Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 392

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Not Sure’l Know What You Mean

Vincent wondered if Mr. Faust had broken up with Jenny in order to protect her, then affirmed this
guess. His boss could do anything to ensure his loved one’s safety. He was just unsure if Jenny knew
of this sacrifice.

After Vincent left, Alec sat alone in his office, letting exhaustion wash over him. He had been riddled
with anxiety ever since Mortimer threatened to hurt Jenny, never having a chance to truly


Breaking up now was the best choice. He could always explain everything to Jenny after things had
calmed down.

As for Quinn…

Alec’s face fell. He called Vincent again.

“Find out who Jenny has come into contact with these past few days.”

He didn’t believe Jenny would snoop through his study for no reason. Someone must’ve told her

The news of their breakup soon spread like wildfire. Almost everyone in Parrington’s upper class came
to know of this; they were even more shocked that the two had been dating in the first place.

When Jenny came to work the next day, Jade came up to her first thing. “You’re here early. Are you

“Me? I’m fine.” Jenny frowned. Was she not supposed to be? “I’m just here to settle the copyright claim
before anything worse happens.”

Jade didn’t know what to say, seeing Jenny so unfazed by the breakup. “Jenny, about you and Alec

Jenny grew still, then shrugged. “It’s just a breakup, no big deal. Don’t worry about me. I’m not the kind
to get all sad and desperate over those things.”

The more she seemed unbothered, the surer Jade was about Jenny being upset by it. How she wished
Jenny would cry it all out. That way her emotions could be sufficiently expressed.

Jade was about to say something again before Jenny interrupted her, “Have Felicity come see me. Last
night wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for her.”

Yvonne wouldn’t have gotten her hands on her design if Felicity hadn’t been so “kind.”

Jade said nothing else, only had Felicity come into Jenny’s office. Felicity had her doubts when she
was called in but didn’t dare ascertain them.

“Her actions couldn’t have been found out, right?” she thought.

“You called, Jade?” Jade had lived in the same village as Felicity, but they weren’t really that close.
Good thing it didn’t affect their relationship.


Jade glanced at Jenny, saying nothing.

Jenny stood up and went right up to Felicity. “What did Yvonne promise you in exchange for your

Felicity’s heart jumped into her throat, though she forced herself to stay calm. “I’m not sure I know what
you mean, Jenny.”

“You don’t know?” Jenny sneered. “Didn’t you steal the fashion drawing and show the finished

work to Yvonne?”

Yvonne wouldn’t have created clothes exactly like La Vie Jen Rose Designs if that wasn’t the case.

Felicity stepped back in shock but still acted like she was framed. “What are you saying, Jenny? How
could I ever do that to you?”

“No? You don’t know my study has cameras installed, do you?” Jenny’s smile made the hairs on the
back of Felicity’s neck stand up.

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