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Chapter 394

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Was he eager to let everyone know they had broken up? To announce him leaving her?

Jenny’s heart ached.

“Good. He’s an asshole.” Max was glad to hear the news. Alec’s unhappiness delighted him to no end.
Though their relationship had softened recently, he and Alec would never be friends.

Jenny moved past Max and readied to leave. “You don’t have to tell me about him. I’m not interested.”


But Jenny had already driven away.

Max hummed and walked into the building, heading straight for Jade’s office.

“Do you know anything about Alec and Jenny’s breakup?” he asked Jade, hoping to hear something
from her.

Jade shook her head. “I don’t know. Jenny won’t say anything either.”

“Weird. I wonder what led to their breakup.” Alec wouldn’t have broken up with Jenny, given how
serious their relationship had been. So, she must’ve started it.

But why?

Jade shot him a look while he was deep in thought. “And why are you here again? Pearson Ltd. going

“I’m here to invite you for lunch, of course. We’re business partners now, no?” Max grinned. Ever since
he had reclaimed Pearson Ltd. with Alec’s help, things had gotten easier for him. All he was doing now
was rejecting the fact Alec had helped him, so he could continue watching him suffer.

Jade rolled her eyes. “You think I have time to have lunch with you when we’re still knee-deep in the
copyright issue.”

Why hadn’t Max told them Yvonne had opened a competitive shop opposite theirs in the mall he

Meanwhile, Max remained clueless. He wasn’t involved in the nitty-gritty of this business, so there was
no way he would’ve known who rented a lot in his mall.

“Do you need my help?” he asked, though he had actually done his own investigations. He just

hadn’t told Jade.

The woman shook her head, explaining what had happened. “The police have taken Felicity in. I’m
gonna go to the station now. You can enjoy lunch by yourself.”

“I’ll see you out.” Max got up. Jade didn’t refuse him. She swiftly got on her ride and went straight to the
police station.

Felicity had come clean about the entire thing, leading to the police swiftly issuing an arrest warrant for
industrial espionage. Naturally, the legal suit against Yvonne was quickly filed.

Yvonne was unfazed, however. She closed up shop in the mall, its purpose of ruining La Vie Jen Rose
Designs now fulfilled. Plus, she was still overjoyed from hearing about Jenny and Alec’s breakup.


“How could I not ‘console’ poor Jenny now, hm?” she thought before heading to find Jenny.

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