Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 402

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Transmutation: Rage to Appetite

“Who’d want to be with Alec again?!” Jenny thought furiously, glaring at Christopher.

Just then, Alec and the woman entered the cafe. Jenny turned away from them, indignant.

Unfortunately, Jenny and Christopher were quickly spotted by Alec in the small cafe. Alec’s sour
expression immediately turned gloomy. Jenny wasn’t even going to look at him?

Christopher smirked, meeting Alec’s gaze. He prodded Jenny’s plate. “Eat your food. Channel that rage
into your appetite.”

Jenny didn’t respond. When she looked up, Alec had already gone into a private booth in the cafe.

The anger in her chest boiled dangerously. She directed it to Christopher. “What are you, eight?”

“Maybe.” Christopher met her rage with a grin. He was delighted right now, more so than when Jenny
had said she’d go to Bardoff City with him. Sometimes, he wondered if he wanted to date Jenny or if he
just wanted to see Alec and Jenny at odds with each other.

Jenny sighed, ignoring him further lest she had a stroke.

Morgan returned to the table a while later, oblivious to Alec’s arrival and, consequently, to the tension
between Jenny and Christopher.

“Done with your food? Let’s go then.” Jenny suggested after Morgan finished eating. She got up,
ignoring Christopher, who nonchalantly followed behind the two.

Back in the private booth, Natalia Cruz was perplexed as to why Alec looked so upset. “I haven’t done
anything to piss him off, have I?” she wondered.

She wouldn’t have come to this blind date if her father hadn’t recommended him, saying how wonderful
he was and what a great future lay ahead of him.

She had to make a good impression since she was already there. “I’m sure you know the basics about
me, Mr. Faust, so we can just skip past the introductions. What do you say?”

Alec glanced at her and hummed a response, then looked away.

“Here we go,” Natalia thought.

“Why did you agree to come to this blind date?” She had come here only because of her father’s
insistence and how attractive Alec was. She wondered what Alec’s reason was.

“Is the reason important?”

“Well, alright. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Natalia wasn’t going to pursue it further,
though she did grumble something fierce internally.

Just because he was hot didn’t mean she’d appeal to him so desperately.

The atmosphere grew silent. It took some time before Alec finally regained some virtuous sense. What
would you like to eat, Miss Cruz?” he asked, handing her the menu, but he had already left quite a bad
impression on Natalia.

“I’ll be straight to the point here, Mr. Faust. I don’t think we’re right for one another.”

Hot and promising, yes, but Natalia still didn’t want to risk it. It would’ve helped if the man had

been respectful from the start. Clearly, that wasn’t Alec Faust.

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