Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 408

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If It Isn’t Mr. Faust!

After parking the car, the two went straight to the elevators. It didn’t seem like Christopher was in the
mood for dinner.

“You’re not gonna have instant noodles again, are you?” he asked tentatively.

Jenny walked to her apartment without replying, ignoring him entirely.

“Jenny,” he called again before she closed the door, shoving a foot in the doorway this time.” C’mon,
let’s go grab dinner.”

“Leave!” she yelled. If Christopher continued to be a pain in her ass, she might actually hit him.

“No. You haven’t had a single thing to eat today. You’re only hurting yourself. He wasn’t going to let her
sleep without first eating something.

Jenny immediately threw a punch at him, now fully attacking him. She’d been wanting to hit something
ever since the breakup. How kind of Christopher to offer himself up.

Christopher hadn’t expected it. He quickly dodged her punch, having some practical training since he
was young to defend himself. But he soon realized he was no match for Jenny. It frustrated him. How
could he continue pursuing her if he didn’t get better or at least be at the same level as her?

With that in mind, the two swung and kicked at each other for several minutes. Luckily for Christopher,
Jenny never once dealt anything too serious. She just needed an outlet for her emotions.

Minutes later, Jenny had Christopher in a faux stranglehold against the wall. “Tapping out yet?” She
was feeling much better than earlier. Christopher could fight, but not against her for sure.

“Yes, yes.” Christopher sighed, tapping out on the wall. The feeling of losing to Jenny was unbearable.

As if reading his mind, Jenny smiled. “No need to get upset. Not many people can best me in hand- to-
hand combat.”

So far, only Alec and Jonathan had done so. It was reasonable since they were highly skilled

“Who said I was upset?” Christopher shot back. “Can you let go now? Need to breathe here.”

Jenny loosened her grip, but the moment she did, Christopher used the same technique on her, forcing
her into a corner.

“Hey, not fair!” she cried. She hadn’t prepared herself, nor did they agree to continue.

Christopher didn’t care. “Will you tap out or not?”

“No!” Jenny growled, glaring at him.

Christopher leaned close to her. “I’ll give you one more chance, or don’t blame me if I decide to…” His
nose nearly brushed against her cheek as if threatening to kiss her if she didn’t tap out.

“Now will you tap out?” he murmured in her ear.

Even though they weren’t dating, nor did Jenny have any feelings for him, their position still appeared
extremely intimate to the public eye.

“I…” Jenny swallowed.

Footsteps suddenly rang out from the corridor. She turned to the source of the sound and saw that it
was Alec.

Her heart jumped into a panic almost instantly, but then she calmed herself. There was nothing to panic
about; Alec was dating someone else now.

“If it isn’t Mr. Faust!” Christopher greeted, grinning from ear to ear, still leaning up against Jenny

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