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Chapter 415

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The Source of Joy

Christopher drank some water and remained silent for a moment before nodding. “I know him a little.
What’s the matter? Did he provoke you?”

Jenny nodded. “You could say that. The Wagners are difficult to deal with, and I am no match for them
alone. I want to ask for your help.”

Christopher was surprised. “I didn’t expect you to ask me for help.”

Jenny continued, “The Wagners’ influence in Parrington is not to be underestimated, and Paul has
always been unscrupulous. He’s a difficult person to deal with. Of course, you’ll benefit from it. I don’t
want anything. You can take all of their property if you can bring them down.”

Jenny knew that getting rid of the Wagners was the only way to ensure Stephanie’s safety in the future.

Christopher was tempted. He had been in Parrington for a while and had nothing else to do besides
meddling in Alec’s project. However, he hesitated.

Sensing his hesitation, Jenny said, “If you find it difficult, forget it. I won’t force you to do it.”

“Jenny, don’t say that. I promise you I’ll do it.” Christopher nodded, eager to try.

Jenny smiled. Just as she was about to speak, Christopher added, “Of course, you have to give me
some time first. I’ll go and investigate the Wagners first. If we think we have a chance of winning, we
can find a way to take them down. If there is no chance of winning, there’s no point in risking the
Spades, right?”

Jenny agreed, feeling that the Spades were a powerful family in Bardoff City and should be able to
swallow a small family in Parrington.

Jenny and Christopher discussed and divided their tasks: Jenny was responsible for gathering
information about the Wagners, while Christopher would investigate Paul’s situation to determine if they
had a chance of taking them down.

Meanwhile, Paul was in a bar, feeling unhappy despite having Stephanie, and he couldn’t explain why.
Alec, who was sitting opposite him, seemed unhappier than him.

“What happened between you and Natalia? You seemed to have moved on so quickly.” Paul hadn’t
asked him about it before. Since they had some time to kill, he decided to ask.

Alec set his wine glass on the table and said nonchalantly, “It was all just for show.”

“For show? For whom?” Paul asked.

Alec didn’t answer and rolled his eyes at him instead, causing Paul to laugh.

“I thought you did it for Jenny to watch.”

There was no way Alec would do that. The show was for Mortimer.

Although Paul knew the answers, he continued to ask, teasing Alec. “Did Jenny come to see you?”
Paul thought of how Jenny seemed ready to tear him apart. There was no way Jenny would allow
Stephanie to remain by his side. She had to look for Alec to deal with Paul.

When Christopher received Jenny’s call, he couldn’t believe it. It was the first time Jenny had ever

called him.


“Where are you? I need to tell you something,” Jenny cut him off.

Christopher was taken aback but replied, “I’m at Perry Residence. Did you forget I moved here?”

“Which floor?”

“I’ll meet you at your apartment,” Christopher offered. Looking around his empty house, he thought it
would be better not to let Jenny visit him.

Jenny was kinder to Christopher than before. Instead of belittling him, she treated him with respect.
Although flattered, Christopher knew that Jenny’s sudden change of attitude was unlikely. She must
have a hidden motive.

“It seems you need my help,” he guessed.

Without beating around the bush, Jenny poured him a glass of water and asked, “Do you know who
Paul Wagner is?”

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