Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 428

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Don't You Dare Think That

"Steph, I know what's on your mind.Don't you dare think that!"

Jenny raised her voice sternly to her friend, "I don't see this as trouble, and your parents share the
same sentiment.We do this willingly for your freedom.Got it?"

Stephanie clutched her phone as tears welled up in her eyes.She understood that no one thought she
was a burden, but she felt guilty toward them anyway.

"Steph, quit overthinking, and don't act differently.Go about your day as usual.Give us some time,"
Jenny comforted Stephanie.

She wasn't actually angry at her friend.

"Okay.I got it."

Since they had a plan, Stephanie didn't want to worry too much and chose to trust Jenny by leaving the
matter to her.

After the call, Jenny finally had the time to rest in bed.She checked the news and realized Alec had
announced his breakup with Natalia Cruz.

Instead of feeling happy, she was upset —Alec dated Natalia right after they broke up, which she had
no issue with if he had feelings for Natalia, but he announced another breakup again.

"He's too selfish," she thought.

She shut her phone and mocked herself, "But what does that have to do with you, Jenny?"

She went into the bathroom to shower and get an early rest before visiting the Spades the next day.

Meanwhile, Christopher entered the living room of the Spade Manor only to find two other people sitting
beside Harvey.


He walked up to Harvey and ignored the other two.

Harvey grunted in response, but before he could get a word in, the two guests sitting across him
vocalized their unhappiness, "

Christopher, do you only have your grandpa in your eyes? Do you not see your dad and I sitting here?"

Christopher finally gave them a side glance.

"Gosh, look who's around! Isn't this Mr.and Mrs.Spade? How do you have the time to visit the Spade
Manor today? I thought you were busy having fun!"

In his memory, his parents had never taken care of him nor managed the company.

They took the company's yearly bonus to travel and have fun.

The couple's marriage was not as harmonious as it seemed—Ben Spade had a mistress, and Evelyn
Spade had a sugar baby.

Christopher was amused by the fact that the two cheaters were sitting together.

Wouldn't they feel disgusted by each other?

"Christopher Spade!"

Ben bellowed.He never once controlled his temper in front of his son.

"Watch your mouth! I'm still your dad!"

"That's probably the biggest misfortune in my life,"

Christopher smirked and made the bold remark without caring for their feelings.Their expressions fell
as they stood up, ready to give him a lesson.

Harvey tapped his walking stick against the ground to stop them.

"That's enough! What are you trying to prove in front of me? You should have seen this coming when
you neglected your son years ago!"

He was disappointed in Ben, whom he had nurtured to be the company's successor.

Ben not only didn't take over the company's management, but he also wasted his time messing around.

Even after he had a son, he didn't change his behavior.

That prompted Harvey to take over the task of raising Christopher.

Thankfully, Christopher was more ambitious than his father.


Ben was angry at Harvey.

"What brings you here today? Since Christopher is also here, let's sit and hear you out."

Harvey was speaking to Christopher and signaled him to sit.

Christopher nodded and sat beside his grandpa as he cast a hateful glance at his parents.

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