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Chapter 432

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Bullshit Status

Jenny frowned in displeasure. “Madam, despite having ‘bad manners,’ I still treat everyone with
respect. How about you?”

She hadn’t planned on getting into a fight with Christopher’s parents, but Evelyn was too rude and
offensive. As a guest, she didn’t come to ask for favors and refused to be bullied.

“You!” Evelyn banged on the table and stood up as though she’d beat up Jenny, but Jenny stared her
down fearlessly.

Christopher finally gathered himself and hurriedly shielded Jenny. He flashed a stern look at Evelyn.
“What do you think you’re doing? Jenny is my guest.”

“She’s a guest? Does she deserve to be the guest of our family?” Evelyn didn’t attempt to mask her
disdain and great dislike for Jenny, who had the guts to talk back to her. She thought, “If this is how she
behaves before she marries Christopher, what would happen after she joins the family?”

Enraged, Christopher turned to the butler at the door. “Call the guards over and kick them out!” He
didn’t want to see his parents around any longer.

Evelyn’s expression fell, and Ben interjected, “Christopher, your mom doesn’t embellish her words, but
she speaks facts. Sure, that woman is pretty but looks alone aren’t enough to qualify for marriage into
our family. You should know this as the heir.”

At that moment, Christopher was extremely annoyed to the point that he wanted to lash out physically.
Having pieced the puzzle together, Jenny wanted to explain herself but held back because his parents
might not believe in her words anyway.

“That’s enough!” Harvey spoke with an ashen face. “Aren’t you tired of embarrassing the family?”

“Dad! This is a matter of principle! We can’t compromise.” A helpless Ben wondered what was in
Harvey’s mind that he would approve of the relationship between Christopher and Jenny.

Feeling a headache coming up, Harvey waved at him and said, “Follow me.” With that, he went up to
the study on the second floor. Although Ben had no idea what Harvey wanted to discuss with him, he
followed after Harvey and vanished from the living room.

Only Christopher knew that Harvey planned to reveal Jenny’s background to Ben to stop him from
opposing Christopher and Jenny’s relationship. He knew that was the best solution, but it made him

“Why do I need their approval to go after my happiness? Why can’t I choose Jenny because she’s from
an ordinary background?” he wondered.

Jenny noticed he looked furious and went up to comfort him. “Calm down. I get it.”

In Ben and Evelyn’s eyes, she was merely an ordinary woman without the backing of a powerful family.
Thus, she was perceived as a bad match for their son.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know they’d visit too.” Christopher felt sorry for Jenny. Not only did she not receive
the welcome she deserved, but she also had to be scolded by his parents. No sane person could
tolerate such humiliation.

Jenny shook her head, looking unbothered. “It’s fine. I know you didn’t want this to happen as well.”

During their conversation in the living room, they ignored the presence of Evelyn, whose face fell at the
humiliating treatment-she was Ben Spade’s wife, after all. She hissed at Jenny and made herself clear,
“Let me tell you! You will never marry into the Spade Family!”

Christopher gritted his teeth and barked at Evelyn before Jenny could say a word, “I don’t need you to
worry about my life!”

“Christopher Spade, you’re my son and the successor of the Spades’ family business! You need to be
mindful of your status!” Evelyn was equally frustrated, thinking that her son was being an idiot.

“What bullshit status? I don’t mind giving it up!”

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