Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 427

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I Can't

"You can ignore your parents, but I can't," Jenny said.

Christopher could treat his parents however he wanted, but Jenny was sensible enough not to do the

As an outsider, she did not share his privilege.He didn't object in the face of her insistence and said,
"Sure.I'll pick you up tomorrow."


Soon, their plane landed at Bardoff Airport.

Once Christopher and Jenny exited the terminal, they spotted the cars that Christopher had arranged
to fetch them.He opened the car door for her.

"Let's go.I'll send you to the hotel."

"Thanks," she thanked him without fuss since it was hard to hail a cab at that time.

The chauffeur, an old man and a long-time staff of the Spades, placed her luggage in the trunk.He was
puzzled by Christopher's polite attitude toward her and wondered about the lady's identity, who forced
an attitude change in the arrogant young man.

"Could she be Christopher's girlfriend? But I've not heard of any girlfriend," the chauffeur thought.

He shook off the thoughts and drove them to Jenny's hotel after she shared the address.

Christopher and Jenny chatted about her visit to the Spade Manor tomorrow.She was slightly nervous,
wondering if Harvey Spade would tell her the truth during her sudden visit.

"Don't worry.I've talked to Grandpa before this.Since he agreed to your visit, it shows that he is ready to
tell you everything," he assured her, much to her relief.

She looked at the streets of Bardoff City in a daze.This was her first time visiting.

"How's the city? Isn't it more prosperous than Parrington?"

Christopher appeared boastful; Parrington was no match for Bardoff City.The cities might share a
common history behind their names, but they couldn't be more different.

She nodded but shook her head again.

"Parrington is not as prosperous as Bardoff, but not everyone loves a prosperous city."

Parrington was a great place, at least in her opinion.He didn't argue with her and shrugged it off, as
though she had the final say in the matter.

Not long after, the car arrived at the entrance to the hotel.She picked up her luggage and waved at

"I'll go in now.See you tomorrow."

"I don't mind being invited to your room," he said with a wicked smirk.

Jenny promptly ignored him and marched into the hotel with her luggage, disappearing from his sight in
no time.

"Mr.Spade, should we head back to the Spade Manor?"

The chauffeur turned to ask Christopher but was taken aback by the unfriendly look on Christopher's
face—that was a swift change in attitude.

"Yes, let's go.I'll pay Grandpa a visit."

Christopher sounded cold when he hopped into the car.

The chauffeur trembled at Christopher's characteristic iciness.

The cheeky face the young man wore around Jenny was a mask.

After Jenny unpacked her luggage, she called Stephanie.

Thankfully, Stephanie's phone wasn't confiscated by Paul, or Jenny couldn't contact her.

"Steph, I'm in Bardoff City."

After coming to an agreement with Stephanie's parents that day, she told Stephanie about the plan to
give her friend mental preparation—yes, Stephanie had to be mentally prepared to flee at any time.

The more she observed Paul's daily schedule, the easier it would be when she needed to escape.

"You must be dead tired."

Stephanie sounded concerned and defeated at the same time.

"It didn't have to be this troublesome."

She believed her parents must have left Parrington for her sake, even though it was against their

Since they were willing to sacrifice for her, she wanted to do the same.

Perhaps, Paul would be bored of her soon, and things would go back to how they were.

Wouldn't that be nice?

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