Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 438

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Just Having Some Fun with You


you wanted to kill me, you’d do it whether I tell you or not.” Jenny was clever enough not to fall for the
attacker’s lie.

The attacker chuckled at her logical interpretation, her blade still sliding across Jenny’s cheek as she
contemplated her next move. “You’re pretty, but you’d look better with a few scars.”

Jenny didn’t say a word, but she scanned the room desperately to find an escape. Sadly, she was
cornered under the attacker’s violent domination.

When the attacker raised her knife, Jenny braced herself for facial injuries, but the blade merely made
a tiny cut on her neck. She felt a pang of pain and some bleeding, but it was not a serious wound. Out
of Jenny’s sight, the attacker collected her blood in a small tube and tucked it away before grinning at
her victim. “Did you feel that everything’s ending for you just now?”

“What do you really want?” She didn’t intend to kill Jenny, for she would have acted sooner if she
wanted to murder. Jenny had no idea about her identity.

The attacker smiled at her but didn’t plan to leave. “Don’t worry. I’m just having some fun with you.”

Suddenly, they heard footsteps from the door, and the attacker was on high alert as she pulled Jenny
closer to place the knife against her neck. A man wandered in from the door, and his eyes widened at
the sight. “Let go of her!”

“And who are you to her?” The attacker beamed and developed an interest in the man who showed up.

Alec Faust looked grim. He had never expected to find Jenny being held hostage when he was
checking out her accommodation in Bardoff City. Although he didn’t know the attacker, he realized she
was a tough opponent because Jenny was good at martial arts. “I’m her boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” She raised a brow and examined his face before turning her attention to Jenny. You’re a
great match.”

“What do you want? Let go of her, and I’ll give you anything you want,” he announced as he wondered
how Jenny got herself into trouble with that dangerous woman.

The attacker silently walked up to Alec with Jenny in her grip. When she was right in front of Alec, she
quickly shoved Jenny into his arms and escaped. “I’m out of this game! Goodbye!”

Instead of going after her, Alec hurriedly checked on Jenny. He was especially concerned about the
blood on her neck. “Don’t move. I’ll send you to the hospital.”

He was about to carry her, but she stopped him. “I’m okay. This is a tiny wound.”

The attacker didn’t use force on Jenny, who was unscathed except for the bleeding on her neck.
However, it only puzzled her more. What had happened? Why didn’t she harm her or take her life?

As she was thinking, he wrapped her in his arms. “It’s good as long as you’re safe.”

She was confused by his sudden embrace that filled her nose with his familiar woody scent. She soon
emerged from her daze and pushed him away. “Why are you here?”

He coughed awkwardly and put on a serious face. “I’m on a business trip and booked a room in the
same hotel. I just happened to run into you.”

She rolled her eyes at him, a clear sign that she didn’t believe his words. He took the room card out of
his bag and showed it to her. “I’m staying next door.”

Dumbfounded, she realized he had indeed checked into the room next to hers. Did that mean it was
purely coincidental that he had passed by her room and run into the situation?

“Are we fated, or is it all because of dumb luck?” she wondered.

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