Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 440

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I’ll Tell You Everything

Jenny could tell from Alec’s tone that he was green with envy. But why? He shouldn’t care about her if
he was into Quinn Blue. She glanced at him and, considering that he had helped her, said, “I only know
that he’s not on good terms with his parents.”

He wanted to say something but held his tongue when he saw the look in her eyes.

The night ended with the group of men sent to Christopher’s office without any further explanation; the
plan was to have him figure it out himself.

However, Christopher quickly called Jenny and was instantly up to speed. “Don’t worry. I’ll answer to
you, and I promise I won’t let this slip.” He clutched his phone with one hand while holding a pen in
another, almost bending the pen put of anger. Not only did Ben and Evelyn hinder him, but they also
added to his troubles. Life must have been too easy for them.

Jenny trusted him and didn’t bring up the matter after the call. Still, she could not shake off the thought
of that female attacker. She believed that Christopher’s parents had sent the men to attack her, but
they were unrelated to the first attack. Who’d be the mastermind behind that one?

During her short visit to Bardoff City, she had only acquainted herself with the Spades. There was no
reason for others to target her.

Suddenly, she had an idea in her head and turned to Alec. “Could Paul Wagner have sent her to attack
me as a warning?”

Jenny wondered if her plan to find a place for the Walkers’ office in Bardoff City had accidentally been
exposed by Stephanie. Was Paul resentful of her and sent someone to give her a warning? However,
the female attacker didn’t say anything that’d reveal the motive behind the attack.

“Paul? Why him?” Alec thought that her guess was weird and unprompted.

She pursed her lips and kept her thoughts to herself. “It’s just a guess. Tell me if that’s a possibility.

“It’s impossible,” he said firmly, and she trusted him. After all, Alec was close to Paul, and he’d know if
Paul had hired a talented martial artist. Still, Jenny couldn’t exclude the possibility of Paul keeping
secrets from Alec.

“You can’t stay in this room anymore. Take my room.” He handed her his room card, but she refused to
take it.

She stood and grabbed her suitcase. “It’s not only about the room. I can’t stay in this hotel anymore.”

She wanted to change hotels as she wouldn’t want to be ambushed again. Seeing that, he hesitated
and suggested, “I have a place in Bardoff City. Do you want to stay there? Anyone can get hold of your
records if you check in to another hotel.”

Since the hotels required guests to register with their real names, Alec believed that changing hotels
wouldn’t help.

“No!” she rejected his offer, keeping in mind their current relationship.

“Jenny, don’t be stubborn. Your safety is the top priority.” Helpless, he knew that she was still angry at
him. She ignored him and dragged her suitcase out of the room to cancel her room reservation in the
lobby. He followed her and said, “Jenny, I know I made a mistake hiding stuff about my dad from you. I
shouldn’t have kept you in the dark.”

She didn’t answer him and continued walking.

“Quinn Blue…” he muttered, stopping her in her tracks. He added, “If you agree to stay at my place
tonight, I will tell you about her.”

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