Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 443

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Blame Me

Jenny was almost done with what she had to do in Bardoff City. She wasn’t planning on staying.
Harvey Spade was still in a coma, and she couldn’t wait for him forever. Once she was done checking
up on him, she told Christopher about her heading back to Parrington.

“That quick?” Christopher was surprised. He was planning on taking Jenny around town.

She nodded. “I’m almost done with my business here. I should head home.”

“I’m sorry. I wasted your time.” Christopher couldn’t help feeling guilty. He didn’t think that something
would happen to Harvey.

Jenny waved her hands quickly. “No, blame me. If it weren’t for me, Mr. Spade might still be alright.

She felt even guiltier than Christopher. Thankfully, he didn’t think that way. Otherwise, Jenny would
become a villain in his eyes.

“I’ve already sent those people to the police station. Don’t worry. I won’t let you suffer for nothing.”
Christopher said.

Jenny couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Those were his parents. Did he really take them to the
police station? She said, “It’s my fault, too. They wouldn’t have misunderstood if I’d made things clearer
at the start. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

She was feeling incredibly guilty that Christopher was being like this. Her trip to Bardoff City had sent
Harvey to the hospital and landed Christopher’s parents at the police station. She was clearly a bad
omen. “They’re your parents. I’d let it slide for your sake.”

Christopher needed someone by his side with a family like this, but he obviously didn’t care about it.
“Don’t worry about anything. I can handle it.”

Jenny didn’t know what to say. She nodded. “Alright. I’m going to leave. You should go.”

“Alright.” Christopher nodded. “I’ll go to Parrington once the dust has settled her.”

“Great.” Things sounded good, but Jenny knew Christopher would find it hard to go anywhere he
pleased now. Back then, Harvey had his back. But now…

Jenny sighed and left the hospital in a car.

Alec was the one driving. “Are we going straight to the airport?” he asked.

Jenny nodded. She wasn’t in a very good mood. “Are you finished with your tasks in Bardoff City?”

“Yes. It’s mostly done.” Alec said. Vincent would cry if he heard this. Alec had done nothing but
accompanied Jenny while Vincent did all the work.

Jenny and Alec boarded the plane together. Vincent was late. Thankfully, he finished his tasks on time.
Otherwise, he would have had to stay there. Bardoff City was a nice place, but it wasn’t the place
where he grew up. He preferred Parrington.

Jenny shut her eyes and dozed off immediately, but she wasn’t really asleep. She was thinking about
her identity. Harvey was in a coma. Who else would be able to tell her the truth?

Gilbert would be of no help. He would have told her if he wanted to. But besides Gilbert…

suddenly, Jenny thought of someone else.

Maybe that person would be able to help her.

She opened her eyes and looked at Alec. Her gaze was piercing. Alec shivered when she looked at
him like that.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, feeling uneasy.

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