Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 449

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You’re Brilliant

Jenny went down the plane. Right after doing so, applause sounded. She realized that the passengers
hadn’t left yet. They seemed to be waiting for her.

“Thank you,” they said gratefully.

Jenny was suddenly a little embarrassed. She wasn’t too confident when it happened. If something
terrible happened, she’d never make it up to all of them. Thankfully, she was lucky. After they left,
Jenny was questioned by the police. After that, she finally left the airport. Alec followed by her side. He
felt proud when he looked at her. This was the woman he loved. She was brilliant, shining bright like a

Jenny was oblivious to his thoughts: All she wanted was to go home and sleep; she didn’t want to think
about anything else.

“Get into the car. I’ll drive you home,” Alec said. Vincent was waiting next to the car by the road. He
admired Jenny from the start; now, she was like some otherworldly being.

Jenny didn’t refuse. She sat in his car, and they headed toward Parrington.

The incident quickly went viral. Netizens had fervent discussions, agreeing that the passengers were
extremely lucky and cussing the two terrorists. Naturally, they’d also want to know who saved the

The airport had not publicly shared Jenny’s photograph, but the passengers had taken photos of her.
They were now uploaded to the internet.

While they admired Jenny’s beauty, some discovered she was a doctor. Not only that, but she was also
an incredibly skilled neurosurgeon at Parrington Hospital. They were all in awe of her.

She knew nothing of this. She merely slept and dreamt the whole night.

The next morning, news of the plane incident had only spread faster. When Jenny got to the hospital, it
was more crowded than usual. Everyone seemed to be looking at her.

She instantly felt a headache coming. She just wanted to work in peace; she didn’t want to be noticed
by anyone. She had no way to tell when the admiration would die down.

Jenny knocked and went into the chairman’s office.

“You were looking for me, sir?” Jenny asked, looking at the old man behind the office desk. He held a
newspaper in his hands. His smile was bright. “You’ve put us in the limelight, Jenny” “Mr. Chairman…”
Jenny felt a little tired. Even the chairman was talking about this.

“I know you don’t like attracting attention, but you’re so brilliant that the glory just won’t stop shining on
you.” The chairman smiled happily. He looked at Jenny as if she were a sparkling diamond.

Jenny didn’t want to talk about this anymore. “Did you want to talk to me about something?”

“Yes, indeed.” He put down his newspaper. “The hospital is having a conference in Parrington. I’m

hoping that you can attend it.”

These conferences were not a rare occurrence. Parrington Hospital had them before, but not around
this time. Now that the plane incident had happened, the chairman could use this chance to promote
the hospital. On top of that, the people who wanted to meet Jenny would be able to do so. It was killing
two birds with one stone.

Jenny saw through the chairman’s thoughts and felt a headache coming. “You don’t need me there, do

She had just come back. There were tons of surgeries waiting for her. She didn’t have the time.

“You must go, Jenny.” How could he promote the hospital if Jenny wasn’t around?

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