Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 452

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I Just Don’t Like You That Much

“I’m not hungry,” Jenny refused. She was feeling tired and wasn’t in the mood to eat with Alec.

His face shifted slightly after being rejected. He was a little embarrassed. “You can’t upset your
stomach. You need to eat something, at least.”

In his eyes, Jenny wasn’t hungry She just didn’t want to eat with him, which made him sad. Thankfully,
he had thick skin. Otherwise, he would have turned and left.

“Are you less busy nowadays?” Jenny asked.

Alec nodded. “Almost everything is settled.”

Jenny’s phone rang; it was Jade. Jenny was a little surprised. She accepted the call, and Jade
immediately asked, “Are you free tonight, Jenny?”

“Yes. What’s up?” Jenny ignored Alec’s presence. It wasn’t as if he was here on serious business. Of
course she’d say she was free.

Jade didn’t know about Jenny’s situation. She said at once, “There’s a brilliant person applying for a job
at the company. I’d like you to look him over. And if you think he’s alright, I’d like to make him the vice

Following Jenny’s dreams, they would later establish a corporation, not just a fashion company. There
would be more things piling up in the future, and she couldn’t handle it alone.

Besides, she was only experienced in the fashion department. If Jenny wished to expand her company
and involve other industries, it would be out of her skillset. Hiring people would be crucial during this

Jenny was a little surprised. She and Jade had talked about hiring people, but they didn’t have high
hopes for it. After all, finding a good manager would not be an easy task. She didn’t think that Jade
would find someone so soon.

“Alright. I’ll come over right now,” Jenny agreed. She wanted to see for herself the person that had
gotten Jade all excited. She hung up and looked at Alec. “Sorry. I’m busy today. We’ll do it next time.”

Alec went pale and felt an ache in his heart, but all he could say was, “Alright.”

Jenny was about to hail a cab, but Alec said, “I’ll drive you.”

Jenny didn’t refuse him this time. She had already rejected him once. If she rejected him again, he
might explode in anger.

They said nothing in the car. Alec drove in silence, and Jenny scrolled through her phone. There were
already a few alumni talking about the celebration. Everyone was curious to see who was considered
successful in the eyes of the university.

Jenny said nothing, reading quietly.

“Jenny,” Alec said, sweeping his gaze over at her.

Jenny locked her phone and looked at him. “What?”

“Do you hate me?” Alec asked. Although he hated to admit it, Jenny didn’t seem to like him very much.
Her attitude was making it very apparent.

Jenny fell deep into thought. A moment later, she said, “I don’t hate you. I just…don’t like you that

It took time for feelings to develop, but disliking someone only took a while. After Alec’s string of lies,
Jenny suddenly lost her feelings for him. She was surprised, too. Perhaps she was a cold person at

“Is there any hope for me?” That was what Alec wished to know the most. If Jenny honestly wouldn’t
give him another chance, there would be nothing he could do.

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