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Chapter 456

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As Long as You Like It

He had said it very sincerely.

Jenny had to admit that she was moved.She remembered all the good things he had done for her.She
wouldn't forget them just because of a few lies.

"You should eat. It's late."

Jenny didn't want to continue the topic.

Alec didn't move.He looked at Jenny pitifully and said, "I thought you would be home early, so I made
food for two."

"What?" Now Jenny was really surprised.

"Yeah." Alec nodded.

He was serious.

Jenny didn't know whether to laugh or cry.She didn't know what to say.It was unlike him.

"Well, since you made it, I'll have some of it." She wasn't hungry but didn't want to waste his good

Besides, she couldn't watch him starve.

She'd never forgive herself.She followed him into the house and realized the entire home had been
refurbished.It was no longer pitch black like before; it was now warm and cozy.Alec saw her looking
around and said meekly, "You agreed to help me with the makeover before. But then..."

He didn't have to finish his sentence.

They broke up, and the matter was left hanging in the air.

Alec had no choice but to get someone else to do his interior designs.

"That's great.It's definitely more professional than what I could have done." His home looked much
better than before.

Alec smiled at her words.

"As long as you like it."

Jenny was speechless.

"It's not my home.Why would I have to like it?" she thought, but if she were to say that out loud, Alec
would surely be even more disappointed.

Quite a few dishes were laid out on the dining table, and they were all Jenny's favorites.

At once, warmth spread through her heart.

She had no idea what to do with him.She had already made up her mind to cut off all ties with him, but
now, the ache in her heart was swollen.

"Sit down and try it." Alec was oblivious to her inner turmoil.

He was very happy.

Jenny didn't refuse. She looked at the food on the table.

"What if I hadn't come back? What would you do?"

"Why wouldn't you come back? Sooner or later, you would."

"It's just a matter of time," Alec thought.

Jenny looked at him, unable to describe the emotions in her heart.

"Don't you think it's weird for you to act this way? You shouldn't be doing all this."

Jenny thought that Alec's affection for her had grown to something that was making her uncomfortable.

"No.I think it's great."

Back then, he was stuck in the darkness, with no clear goal or motive to keep him going.

But ever since he met Jenny, he found his target.He only wanted to be with her forever, so he didn't
think that his gestures were over the top.

Jenny didn't share the same sentiment.

She was worried about Alec's psychological health before, and now, she was even more worried about

It seemed harmless, but excessive dependency was a sign of mental illness.

But she dared not say anything in case she provoked him.

"Let's eat," she said.

She was thinking of a good chance to bring him to the psychiatrist.But how would she convince him?
Jenny felt exasperated because of it.

"You should eat, too," Alec said, placing some food before her.

"I know you've eaten already, but a simple tasting is fine, too." Jenny nodded.

Right now, she couldn't do anything that could incite his anger.

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