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Chapter 465

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No Surrender

To Natalia, Jenny was officially her savior by saying those words.

Having a choice was good news to her; it was worrisome if there wasn't any choice available at all.

"Your grandfather's condition is indeed very serious, and you know this yourself," Jenny said calmly as
she looked at Natalia.

Upon seeing her nod, she continued, "The only way to extend his lifespan would be through surgery."

Hearing her words, Natalia's eyes widened in disbelief.Is surgery still possible? The doctors in Bardoff
City don't recommend going for surgery."

"While surgery is possible, the risk is extremely high.What they said was not entirely wrong."

Not everyone was willing to take risks, especially when it concerned the head of the Cruz family.No one
could bear the responsibility if he were to die by their hands.

"As long as there's a chance, I won't give up," Natalia said firmly without any hesitation.

She couldn't just sit and watch her grandfather perish.

Seeing Natalia's determination, Jenny could relate to her desire to save her grandfather.

Nevertheless, she still reminded Natalia of the risks.

"I have to make it clear that although surgery is possible, the chances of your grandfather not making it
off the operating table are very high.If—"

"Dr.Walter, I trust you.Even if it really..."

She gritted her teeth and made her final decision.

"Whatever the result may be, I accept it." Jenny nodded.

"Okay.Are you sure your parents won't object?"

She didn't want the surgery to be delayed because of opposition coming from Natalia‘s parents.

If that happened, it would complicate things, and it would be very troublesome to deal with.

"Don't worry, I'll convince them."

Natalia was confident about it.If it meant saving her grandfather, everything else didn't matter.

"When can we perform the surgery? My grandfather's condition is very bad."

She wanted the surgery to be done as soon as possible, fearing that further delay would make things

Jenny looked at the medical records and replied, "Here's what we'll do.You'll talk to the directors of both
hospitals and get them to work together.Both hospitals will have to collaborate so that I can perform the
surgery in Bardoff City.Otherwise, I won't be able to go."

She wanted to save Natalia's grandfather but couldn't do so recklessly.

They would still need to arrange everything according to the necessary procedures.

"Okay, leave it to me.I'll get it done as soon as possible."

Natalia nodded.

At this point, she would do anything Jenny asked of her.

As she was leaving Jenny's office, she stopped at the doorway.

"Dr.Walter, Alec and I were only pretending to be in a relationship and nothing more.Since we
announced our relationship, I've only met him a few times."

She felt that Jenny was a good person and thought that Alec was someone who loved quite
unreservedly.It'd be a pity if the two of them didn't get back together.

"I know." Jenny didn't say much.

In fact, she believed Natalia, but Alec lying to her was something she couldn't accept.

After Natalia left, Jenny studied her grandfather's medical records and contacted the necessary people.

The surgery wouldn't be easy, and she needed to gather some of the most experienced people
n.ovelebook in the medical field.

At Parrington Hospital, Yvonne sat in a regular hospital ward, staring out the window with vacant eyes
that looked hollow and devoid of vitality.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that she was covered in injuries, and there were bruises around
her mouth.

She looked like a fragile doll on the verge of shattering.She never imagined she would be targeted by
those gangsters right after leaving Jenny's neighborhood.

What those people did to her last night was unthinkable.Her face crumpled up with grief whenever she
recalled the trauma she had experienced.She even wished she could jump out of the window.

However, she couldn't do that.She couldn't surrender and back down so easily.

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