Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 471

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Thanks Anyway

Even with that, Old Mr.Faust still told Jenny truthfully, "Actually, I don't know much about it either.I just
happened to be in Parrington when this incident occurred, so I learned about it by chance."

"By chance?"

Jenny didn't believe there could be such a I coincidence.

"Ah, never mind.It was actually because of your grandfather that I knew.He told me about it when he
was still the Walters' servant."

Old Mr.Faust knew that Jenny didn't believe him, so he decided to be honest.

Since Jenny had already found out that much, there was ] no longer need to hide anything.

"My grandfather? Why would he tell you?" Jenny didn't understand.

Under reasonable circumstances, her grandfather should have kept this a secret and not told Old

"Your grandfather and I were good friends in Bardoff City.Later, when he brought you to Orchid Village,
he couldn't ask the Walters to provide assistance, or it would attract attention.So, I was the I one who
had been helping him all these years,"

Old Mr.Faust explained.Jenny seemed to understand the situation a little better as she listened.

However, she immediately thought of something and I asked anxiously, "So, what about my marriage
with Alec?"

"Well, you can consider it your grandfather's repayment to me.Then again, it's not quite accurate to say
that.It's more like your grandfather's way of protecting you,"

Old Mr.Faust sighed.

He paused briefly and continued, "At that time, no one knew when your father would come to take you
back.Your grandfather had to make sure you would be in safe hands.Although the Fausts were not as
powerful as the Walters, we still had some influence in Parrington.Your grandfather made that decision
because we would be able to keep you safe on our turf."

Jenny believed most of what Old Mr.Faust had told her.

He might not be her biological grandfather, but after so many years of spending time together, Jenny
knew Old Mr.Faust had always had her best interests at heart.

After a long silence, Jenny finally said, "What about my mother? After she gave birth to me..."

"It seems she's dead," Old Mr.Faust said.

He knew that his words might sting, but he spoke the truth.


Jenny frowned, wondering why he couldn't give a definite answer on whether she was dead or not.

Old Mr.Faust smiled bitterly and explained, 'Your father was the only one present at that time.He said
she was dead, and there was no evidence to suggest otherwise.Besides, he did erect a tombstone for
your mother later on."

As far as he was concerned, Jenny's mother had passed away.

If she hadn't, her father wouldn't have done what he did.

"I see."

Jenny nodded, feeling like she had asked all the questions she could possibly ask.She didn't know
what other question she could raise at this point.

Seeing her like that, Old Mr.Faust thought of his grandson and decided to say a few more things.

"Alec doesn't have an idea about your true identity.But I'm sure you can tell how he feels about you."

"Are you sure he doesn't know?"

Jenny was somewhat doubtful.

"At least not when he started to like you.I was the one who told him later."

Old Mr.Faust chose not to lie, as he didn't want to risk creating any misunderstandings between the

Unfortunately, Jenny didn't think of it the same way.

After discovering Old Mr.Faust's kindness toward her was all a lie, she was now skeptical of everything
he said.

"Thank you for telling me all of this anyway," Jenny said, thanking him for the information.

She didn't want to think about anything else for now.Her mind was in chaos.

All these years, she'd thought she was just an ordinary girl from Orchid Village.

Who would have known that things weren't so simple? And what about her father, whom she'd never
met? If he knew she existed, why hadn't he come to see her all these years? Perhaps he'd forgotten

about her existence altogether.

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