Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 473

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Why Do You Like Me?

When the two were in a stalemate, Jenny came down from upstairs.

Alec ignored Mortimer right away and walked over to her.

"Are you done talking to Grandpa?" he asked.

Jenny nodded and glanced at Alec meaningfully but didn't say anything.

Alec could feel the emotion in her eyes, but if she didn't want to tell him about it, he wouldn't ask—at
least, not now.

Not long after, Old Mr.Faust came down too.

"Let's eat." Soon, the four of them sat at the dining table.

Perhaps the atmosphere became a little awkward because of Jenny's presence.

Old Mr.Faust knew that Jenny wasn't happy about what he'd told her, but he didn't offer her words of
advice.He figured she would have to get over it by herself, and there was no point in others persuading

It would only make her pull away even further.He then glanced at his grandson and saw that he'd been
staring at Jenny.He could only sigh helplessly.

Alec was exceptional in every aspect; his only flaw was he loved too deeply when he fell for someone.

Old Mr.Faust wondered how much more he would have to suffer at Jenny's hand.

As he thought of that, he decided it wasn't his place to worry anymore.

They were all adults, so they should figure things out on their own.

"Miss Walter, my son, Alfred, is working in your company.Please offer him your guidance,"

Mortimer said suddenly, surprising the other three people at the table.

Jenny was especially surprised.

''Why are you admitting so openly that Alfred is your son? Don't you care about Old Mr.Faust and
Alec's feelings?" she wondered silently.

She looked at Old Mr.Faust, who seemed unruffled as usual.

He carried on eating indifferently, not finding Mortimer's words surprising at all.

Returning to her senses, Jenny smiled politely and neutrally.

"If Alfred is capable, he'll naturally get to where he deserves to be; if not, even if you pave the way for
him as a father, I'm afraid you'll just waste your time in the end."

She wasn't stupid.

Just when she was close to finding out about everything from Old Mr.Faust, Alfred suddenly came to
work in her company.

The turn of events definitely had something to do with her identity.

Everyone approached her with ulterior motives.

Under such a circumstance, it was hard for Jenny to feel happy about what was unfolding around her.

Mortimer's face pulled down slightly; he didn't expect Jenny would respond to him so bluntly.

Jenny didn't pay any attention to him.

She focused on eating her food and didn't give a damn what he thought.

Alec was deeply overjoyed at this and felt that Jenny retorted well.

After dinner, it was time for Jenny to leave.

Alec walked out of the Old Mansion with her.

On the way back to the apartment, Jenny didn't speak.

Her silence made Alec a little uneasy.

"Jenny, you came to ask Grandpa about your birth and origin, right?"

Alec asked, feeling that staying in that awkward silence wouldn't do them any good.

Jenny withdrew her gaze from the scenery outside and looked at him indifferently.

"You knew, didn't you?"

Alec didn't deny it.He understood that he could no longer deceive Jenny.

Otherwise, he would only push her further and further away.

Jenny chuckled humorlessly.

"Your grandfather said you didn't know anything."

She was actually hesitating about how to broach the subject with Alec.

If she didn't do it well, Alec would feel she was suspecting him.

However, she now felt that she'd been careful n.ovelebook and thought too much—he'd known all

"I only found out about it later on."

At that time, he'd already fallen for Jenny.

Jenny didn't care.

She sneered, "You know, Alec.I've always wondered, was my true identity part of why you like me? It
didn't quite make sense for the CEO of Faust Group to suddenly fall for me."

She never believed in love at first sight nor felt that she was that attractive.

The only plausible explanation was that he'd approached her with something in mind from the very

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