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Chapter 476

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Jenny nodded, guessing that the people sitting in that row should all be excellent alumni.

A few of them were even famous figures that Jenny had already known when she was still studying.

It was just that she didn't care much back then, as she immersed herself in studying.

Her relationship with her classmates was average at best.

Now that she had come, there were only a few people whom she really knew.

"Hello, I'm Jenny Walter."

She nodded politely, not meaning to continue the conversation with the other person.

However, Derrick obviously didn't intend to stop there.

Still seated next to Jenny, he said, "You're so young.You just graduated not long ago, right? You must
be excellent to be n.ovelebook invited back to the anniversary celebration as an outstanding
graduate.So, what scientific research experience do you have? Which hospital are you working at?"

Those seated there either had prolific scientific research experience or worked in top hospitals; in
Derrick's case, he was the latter.

He was the chief physician of Bardoff Hospital and had always been very proud of it.

Jenny frowned, as she really didn't know about any of that.

"I'm working in Parrington Hospital."

As for scientific research experience, Jenny did have some, but they were all published when she was

Not only that, but she was also backed by her teacher, so publishing some articles was Naturally not a
problem for her.

Jenny felt it wasn't her own achievement, so she didn't plan to tell anyone about it.

At that moment, many people were pricking up their ears to listen to the conversation between them.

After all, they were very curious about how the university determined who were outstanding graduates.

Upon hearing that Jenny was working in Parrington Hospital, many people's expressions changed

There was a hint of condescension in the way they looked at her.

Parrington Hospital may be considered a top hospital in Parrington itself, but within the country, it could
only be regarded as an ordinary third-class hospital.

It wasn't even known internationally.

They can't figure out why Jenny could be considered an outstanding alumnus.

Of course, Jenny noticed the change in everyone's demeanor, but she didn't care.

She came today as a sign of respect for her university.

As for the other people there, she couldn't care less about them.

Turning her attention to the high platform in front of her, she saw that the university's president had
already gone up to give his speech.

Jenny listened carefully, ignoring Derrick's look of bewilderment.

The speech ended quickly, and afterward an outstanding graduate came on stage to speak.

That person shared that they worked in the laboratory of a certain big wig and published countless
academic articles.

Many people buttered up to him, hoping he would collaborate with them when he published his next

Jenny didn't care about all that.

She couldn't wait to leave after attending the celebration.

However, she didn't get her wish.

After all that, the dean invited all the outstanding graduates to a private dinner.

In this case, Jenny could only follow even if she didn't really want to go.

At the restaurant, in a private room, many people chatted freely with the dean.

Probably because they'd achieved something over the years, they weren't so afraid anymore when
they saw the dean who was once intimidating.

Jenny sat in one corner and ate her food silently.

Being a wallflower wasn't all that bad.

"Miss Walter, don't sit alone and eat silently.Tell your classmates about your experience.Although you
may not have studied in the same year, you're still an alumnus who graduated from the same

institution.You must look after your fellow alumni."

The dean suddenly called upon Jenny, which surprised many people.

They all knew that Jenny worked at Parrington Hospital.

What experience would someone working in such a hospital have? And why would they need her care?
Jenny was also flabbergasted.

"Do you still remember me, Dean Howard? How many years has it been since I graduated?" Jenny

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