Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 469

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Why Bother Asking Me


Mortimer ignored Jenny, and Jenny also couldn't be bothered to pay attention to him.She looked at the
old man sitting nearby and walked toward him with a smile.

The old man nodded, smiling.

"Jenny, it's been a long time since you've visited me."

"You know I'm busy.Please don't be mad at me."

Jenny returned the smile.

The two got along very well.

An outsider would have thought that Jenny was still his granddaughter-in-law.

"I understand.Of course I'm not mad at you."

Old Mr.Faust wasn't senile.He knew why Jenny hadn't visited the Old Mansion better than anyone else.

As they spoke, Mortimer and Alec sat in the living room and said nothing.

They just listened to Jenny and Old Mr.Faust's conversation.

"Grandpa, shall we go to the study to talk?"

After the pleasantries were exchanged, Jenny was ready to get to the point.She came with a purpose

Old Mr.Faust was slightly surprised but didn't refuse.


He stood up and looked at Alec and Mortimer, who were sitting silently.

"You two go to the kitchen and order them to cook some dishes that Jenny likes."

He didn't know what Jenny wanted to talk about, but he could roughly guess.

He wasn't sure if Jenny would get the answers she wanted this time.

When they reached the study, he went in first, and Jenny followed, closing the door behind her.

Old Mr.Faust sat on the sofa and smiled at Jenny.

"Have a seat, Jenny."

Jenny didn't stand on ceremony and proceeded to sit facing him.

"Grandpa, you can probably guess why I'm here, right?"

"Well, I do have an idea."

Old Mr.Faust didn't deny it.

"Then just tell me all about it."

Jenny smiled at him, waiting for him to speak.

Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have any intention of divulging anything.

"Tell you what, Jenny? I've no idea what you're talking about."

Jenny was rendered speechless and scolded inwardly, "You really know how to play dumb."

"Grandpa, I went to Bardoff City a few days ago," Jenny said calmly, looking at him.

Old Mr.Faust remained silent; his emotions were not exactly as calm as the expression he showed.

"I went to see Mr.Spade, and we talked about some things,"

Jenny continued, keeping her gaze on Old Mr.Faust's face, not wanting to miss any reaction from him.

Smiling faintly, Old Mr.Faust asked, ''I heard he was hospitalized.Is he okay?"

"Not really," Jenny replied truthfully.

"That's unfortunate,"

Old Mr.Faust responded, but he didn't really seem sorry for Mr.Spade.

Jenny didn't care about that and continued, "I went to see Mr.Spade mainly to ask about my birth and
origin.I've known for some time that there's something strange about my background, but I had no clue
until Christopher appeared.That was when I had a breakthrough."

"Mr.Spade said that if I followed Christopher to Bardoff City, he would tell me everything, and he didn't
break his promise.I found out everything I wanted to know," Jenny said.

Old Mr.Faust was surprised and seemed to not believe what she said.

"I'm not from Orchid Village, nor am I my grandfather's biological granddaughter.I'm the daughter of an
influential family in Bardoff City, right?"

She smiled at Old Mr.Faust, looking like she'd already known everything.

On the other hand, Old Mr.Faust was stunned.

"Does she really know everything? Has she found out about her true identity?" he thought in disbelief.

Everything Jenny had said was just a wild guess based on the reactions of Christophers and the

If Christopher had fallen for her, she must not have come from an ordinary background.

Now, it seemed that she had made the correct guess.

But which family was she from? And what happened back then? "Since you already know everything,
why bother asking me?"

Old Mr.Faust sighed and turned his eyes away from Jenny.

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