Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 484

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I'm the Winner

Rowena was a bit scared of the repercussions after saying those words.

However, she wasn't willing to show any weakness in front of Graham.

"You're right.It was indeed my incompetence,"

Graham responded slowly after a moment.

Then, he got up and left the dining room.

As he walked away, Rowena felt no satisfaction from expressing herself.

On the contrary, their argument made her feel even more upset.

"Why didn't he get angry? He should have screamed at me.How could he pretend to take it so calmly?"
she thought.

Jolene finally came to her senses.She turned to look at her mother.

"Mom, what did you mean by what you just said? Did Dad like someone else?"

"She was just an unworthy and lowly commoner.So what if your father liked her? Would the rest of the
Walters consent to their relationship? He was lucky enough to be able to marry me."

Rowena was angry.

Hence, her words were naturally unpleasant.She was from one of the Ten Elites of Bardoff City.

The Walters made a big fuss about Graham's past affairs, and many people knew about it.

Everyone was waiting to see the Walters suffer from embarrassment.

If Rowena hadn't agreed to marry him, Graham wouldn't have been able to make any daughter of one
of the Ten Elites his wife.

After learning that her father used to like another woman, Jolene felt slightly disconcerted.She could
somewhat understand why her mother was always so angry.

"Mom, there's no need to be angry.You're the ultimate winner," Jolene comforted her.

Hearing that, Rowena nodded.

"You're right.I'm the winner."

Jenny might not even be alive to return to the Walters.

Even if she did, Rowena wasn't afraid of her at all.

Once she figured that out, she wasn't so worried anymore.

Graham didn't know what the mother and daughter discussed.

At this moment, he was sitting in his office and thinking about what Rowena had said.He felt extremely
pained inside.

Rowena had been right.He couldn't protect his beloved and his daughter because he'd been powerless
back then.His daughter wouldn't need to suffer so much if not for that.

Although he had tried his best to provide her the best of everything, he felt indebted to her because she
didn't get to grow up under his care.

And what about her? He didn't know if she was still alive after being taken away by that group of people
all those years ago.

If she was still alive, why didn't she come to find him? Did she hate him? Graham held his head, being
reminded of his failure pained him greatly.

Jenny landed at Bardoff Airport.

It was only the second time she was there, but she had familiarized herself with everything since she
might have to visit Bardoff City often in the future.

Mainly, it was to help perform surgery on Natalia's grandfather; secondly, to inquire about the Walters'
situation and then decide whether or not to take Ash to them.

"Dr.Walter, let's get in the car and go to the hospital to see my grandpa first," Natalia said.

At the moment, she had a very complicated feeling.

There was joy but also worry.

But no matter what, she had no choice at this point and could only pray for the surgery to go smoothly
and that it would help extend her grandfather's lifespan.

Getting in the Cruzes' car, Jenny went with Natalia to the hospital.

When she met Natalia's grandfather, she greeted him with a smile without asking too much about his

They walked out of the ward, but before Natalia could say anything, no.velebook other members of the
Cruz family were somewhat dissatisfied, and they made it known.

"Natalia, is this the doctor you found for Grandpa? She's probably younger than you, right? Are you
kidding us?"

They thought Natalia had found a skilled doctor, but they didn't expect it to be such a young girl, which
was simply ridiculous.

Natalia glared at them and said irritably, "Dr.Walter is very capable.Stop with the nonsense!"

"Very capable? Is she more capable than the doctors at Bardoff Hospital?"

They didn't believe it.

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