Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 485

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Worry About Yourself

They didn't believe her, but Jenny didn't mind it and said nothing.It wasn't wise to make grand promises
right away, for anything could happen, and unexpected circumstances could arise.

"Is everything okay on your end?"

Jenny looked at the people who had spoken up just now and then turned to Natalia.

The surgery required the approval of all members of the Cruz family; otherwise, there would be trouble

Natalia nodded, "Don't worry, I'll take care of them."

She didn't care about those people; she had already convinced her parents, and her grandfather
agreed that the surgery was necessary.


Jenny nodded and said, "Tomorrow, besides me being the surgeon, we will also need doctors from
other departments to cooperate.So, arrangements with the hospital..."

"You don't have to worry about it.I'll take care of everything.Just tell me what to do," Natalia said.

Jenny nodded in response.She could tell that Natalia really wanted to save her grandfather.

After giving brief instructions about what to do, Jenny left the hospital but didn't go back to her hotel.

Instead, she drove to where the Walters were located.It wasn't hard to find.

In fact, the Walter Inc building was in the city center, and Walter Castle was easy to locate.

Jenny only took a look at the entrance and didn't alert anyone.She would wait until after Natalia's
grandfather's surgery to make her move.She thought it was risky to do anything now since she'd given
Natalia her word.

If something went wrong and she couldn't perform the surgery for Natalia's grandfather, she would
have to bear the guilt for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Alec was at a bar in Parrington.He knew that Jenny had gone to Bardoff City, but he didn't
follow her.He felt he had no right to go and knew Jenny went there to perform surgery.

Paul sat across from him and saw the worry on his face, finding it amusing.

"I heard Jenny comes from an impressive background.Aren't you afraid she won't return after she goes
to Bardoff City?"

It wasn't that he was teasing Alec intentionally, but the possibility of what he brought up was indeed
very high.

Alec took a sip of his drink and looked up at him, feeling somewhat helpless.

"She has found her family, so I should be happy for her.Would it be right for me to stop her from
returning to them?"

"Happy? Are you really happy?" Paul sneered.

He couldn't see even a hint of happiness on Alec's face.

Alec ignored Paul's sarcasm.

After all, he really wasn't feeling any joy right then.He took another sip of his drink and looked at Paul.

"You seem to be quite happy lately,"he said.

"Didn't Stephanie give you any trouble?"

"What trouble can she give me? Does she have the guts to ignore her family's interests?"

Paul looked very confident, as if he had Stephanie in the palm of his hand.

Alec didn't think so.

Perhaps Stephanie didn't have any plans to make things difficult for Paul, but based on his
understanding of Jenny, she wouldn't just stand by and watch her friend suffer in such a situation.

Then again, he didn't say anything.It wasn't that he wasn't being a good friend; he'd already lied to
Jenny once for Paul's sake, so he couldn't help Paul anymore.

"I think you should worry about yourself instead of being concerned about my affairs.I think you and
no.velebook Jenny may be growing further and further apart."

Although Paul didn't like Jenny, Alec was still his friend, and he hoped Alec could be happy.

When Alec heard his words, his hand holding a glass of wine stopped midair.He felt indescribably sad,
but what could he do? Right now, he could only keep watch over Jenny and couldn't do anything else
because he might risk further invoking her disgust toward him.

However, if one day Jenny really left him...Alec didn't dare to think about it.He was afraid he wouldn't
be able to control himself and go crazy.

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