Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 491

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I'll Remember This

Jolene continued to sip on her coffee while criticizing Jenny, speaking contemptuously of her.

Little did she know that Jenny was in the café and could hear her conversation with her friend.

Jenny didn't know the woman and didn't understand why she had such animosity toward her.However,
she was no pushover, and if someone spoke about her so degradingly, she felt like she had to step in
and do something.She couldn't just lay low and allow others to trample all over her.She got up, walked
over to the girl named Jo, and patted her on the shoulder.

Jolene turned around and saw Jenny, who was smiling at her.She thought Jenny looked familiar but
couldn't quite place where she'd seen her before.

"Who are you? Why are you touching me? Are you crazy?" Jolene fired away with annoyance.

Jenny remained smiling and wasn't angry at her audacity.

"It's me.I'm Jenny, the cheap woman you happily criticized a moment ago."

The air seemed to freeze when Jenny announced who she was, and Jolene couldn't believe what she
was hearing.She remembered seeing a photo of Jenny before, and although she was attractive, she
wasn't exactly stunning.But the Jenny in front of her was something else entirely.She was unable to
react for some time.

After a while, Jolene's friend was the first to say something.

"You're Jenny? You made Jo's father scold her.I thought you were innocent, but now that I see look like a cheap gold digger.Jo's criticisms were justified, then."

Jenny laughed at how ridiculously shameless they were.She sneered, "What a joke! Your father
scolded you because of me? I'm not the real reason; it's all because you're incompetent.I was just a

Parents tended to be like that.They liked to praise others to belittle their own children.

"How dare you say I'm incompetent! Do you even know who I am? " Jolene was angry.

Even her father had never criticized her as such.

How could this cheap woman say such things about her? Jenny shrugged indifferently and sneered, "I
have no idea who you are, but does that have anything to do with your incompetence and lack of
education as well as manners?"


Jolene was so angry that she didn't know how to refute Jenny and could only glare at her as if she
wanted to hit her.

"Jo is the heiress of the Walter family.How dare you offend her? Your days are numbered!"

Jolene's friend said angrily as she stood beside Jolene, comforting her.Jenny was stunned to hear
that.She didn't expect the woman who was badmouthing her to be the Walters' daughter.

It was quite a coincidence, but a bad one.

Seeing that Jenny didn't respond, Jolene thought she was scared and immediately became even more

"So you're scared now, huh? Let me tell you, my dad is the CEO of Walter Inc, which owns this building
you're standing on.Everything here belongs to my family.Don't think we're alike just because we have

the same surname.Let me tell you, we're worlds apart."

She was very proud because, as a Walter, she had a great family backing that n.ovelebook allowed her
to throw her weight around.

"I'll remember this, Jenny.Just you wait!" she shrieked furiously and left the café with her friend.

Jenny watched them leave, still rooted to her spot.She was thinking, but to others, it seemed like she
was too scared to move.

To them, there was no difference between seeking death and offending the Walters of Bardoff City.

Jenny didn't care what others thought.

Originally, she was still hesitating about whether to go and meet her biological father, but now she
thought there was a need to show herself before him.

After all, she didn't want Jolene to keep feeling smug.


Jenny wondered, "What will her reaction be when she finds out I'm also one of the Bardoff City's

Jenny felt it would be quite interesting when that happened.

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