Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 501

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You Shouldn't Have Told Me

Jenny walked out of Walter Inc and sat in Alec's car.He was waiting for her downstairs.He had wanted
to rush in to get her several times, but in the end, he had not.

It wasn't because he was afraid of Walter Inc.It was because he was afraid of affecting Jenny's plans.

Thankfully, she was alright.

"How was the discussion?" Alec started the car, asking seemingly casually.

Jenny nodded, smiling.

"It was alright.My plan worked."

Jenny succeeded at both obtaining the companies and moving into the Walters' home.Her trip was not

Then, she looked at Alec in embarrassment.

"I'm going to move into their house tonight.What are your plans after this? Are you going to stay in
Bardoff City?"

She knew that Alec had rushed over for her and was feeling guilty.

But there were some things that she just had to do, so she was put in a tough situation.

Alec wasn't as bothered.

"I was planning on staying in Bardoff City for a while," he said.

"Faust Group's company is doing well here. n.ovelebook I'm preparing to expand it while things are

"True.This is the capital city, after all.Developments would be better here."

Even Jenny was preparing to place her company's headquarters here.

"So you needn't worry.It doesn't matter where you are.I'll be able to protect you anywhere."

He looked at Jenny, the passion in his eyes unconcealed.

It didn't matter that Faust Group was just a small company in Bardoff City.

Alec was confident that in a few years, he would make Faust Group a prominent existence that was
able to protect Jenny.

Jenny was moved.She knew that Alec was doing all this for her.

"I believe you."

Afterward, they didn't talk of this.

Jenny gave him the address, and he drove her there.

When they arrived, he realized that it was an office complex.He looked at Jenny curiously.

"Are you bringing me here to show me where your company will be?"

It wasn't a great place, far from the city and all, but it had potential.Plus, the costs here would be
cheaper.It wasn't too bad.

"That's part of the reason."

Jenny got down from the car.He followed her from behind.

They went into the office complex.

Jenny went into the elevator and pressed a button.Alec said nothing as he followed her.

Soon after, the elevator stopped, and they walked out.

Jenny looked at the half-renovated area and said, "This is the Walkers’ office complex."

Alec was stunned.He took a closer look and realized that the Walkers’ name was on the signboards.

Quickly, he understood what Jenny meant.

"Are you planning to let the Walkers move to Bardoff City?"

"Yes.They'll always be controlled in Parrington."

Here, Paul's power was diminished.

And now that she was returning to the Walter family, it meant that she would be able to protect
Stephanie and her family.

Alec looked at Jenny, his heart in a jumble.Then, he sighed in exasperation.

"You shouldn't have told me." He and Paul were friends.

Wasn't Jenny afraid that he would tell Paul? If Paul got the heads up, Stephanie would not even be
able to leave, much less move to Bardoff City.

"I believe you."

Jenny had done it on purpose.She had deliberately told Alec to see if he would tell Paul about it.

If they were to take Stephanie away, they would need Alec's help.But if he interfered and ended up
helping Paul, she might not be able to take Stephanie away, and things would get much worse.

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