Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 500

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Do You Accept Me as Your Father?

Jenny's emotions were in turmoil after hearing her father's story.She looked at the middle-aged man
before her, wishing to blame him yet finding no fault with him.

He didn't seem to have a choice in that kind of situation.

But was he really free of blame? Jenny didn't think so.

In her eyes, if Graham wanted to love whomever he wanted, he should have fought for the position as
the heir.

Once he sat at the top of the hierarchy, no one would dare have an opinion.

Or rather, he wouldn't have to care.

But he did not.He thought he would be an unimportant family member if he refused to fight for the top.

That was why the Walters would control him so much.He was so naive.

How would a family like that let him escape from their clutches?

"Jenny, I was wrong to not have taken care of you all these years.I'd understand if you want to scold or
hit me."

Graham looked at Jenny with trepidation.He had never looked like that all these years.

But Jenny was different.She was the daughter of his most beloved.He'd give her everything under the
sky if he could.

Jenny shook her head.

"It's all in the past, and it's been so many years.Scolding you or hitting you would bear no meaning."

She was not impulsive.

"It's not like you didn't care all these years. n.ovelebook I don't blame you," she said.

But at the same time, she wasn't grateful to him.

"Well..." Graham was nervous.

'Do you accept me as your father?"

"Is that even an issue? It doesn't matter if I accept you or not.We're already connected by blood."

Jenny smiled at him, but it was distant, as if she were faced with a stranger.

Graham's heart sank slightly.He understood what Jenny meant.

"I understand.It's okay.I will make everything up to you." Jenny said nothing.

She did not object.

If she wanted to rise in Bardoff City, she would need his help.

Their conversation soon ended.

The assistant handed over the agreement.

Graham signed his name on the documents with no hesitation.He closed it and handed it to Jenny.

"This will be effective once you sign."

Jenny was not in a hurry to sign it.

She looked at Graham and asked, "You're giving these two companies to me so easily? Are you sure
that the Walters...or your own family members...won't have an issue with it?"

"Relax.I'm no longer the hapless man that I was before.I don't need anyone's permission to do this," he

If only he had this power back then.He'd have protected his wife and daughter.

Jenny didn't hold herself back.She signed her name on the documents and handed them to the

The assistant would oversee the rest of the procedures so that Jenny would not have to make several
trips to Walter Inc.

"Since you're planning to move in tonight, why don't we have dinner together?" Graham asked.

"I could introduce you to your sister."

He didn't care about Rowena and didn't want to introduce her to Jenny, but Jolene was her sister.

They had to at least know each other.If they could just get along well together, Graham would be

Jenny raised her eyebrows and nodded, smiling.

"That's great.I'd like to meet my sister, too."

She just didn't know if Jolene would want to see her.

Jenny didn't think that she would, but who cared?

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