Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 502

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Alec knew what she was thinking, and it was precisely because of it that he was feeling torn.

"You should know that Paul is my friend." And they were close friends.

Jenny nodded and looked at him, smiling.

"So, are you planning to tell him?" Their gazes met.

Jenny was smiling, but Alec was not.Time passed.

They didn't know how long.

Alec smiled exasperatedly.


The corners of Jenny's lips lifted.

"I knew you weren't the irrational type.

This clearly shows that the one in the wrong is Paul.

" may be misunderstanding him, too.Stephanie is not living as horribly in his house as you
think she is."

At least to the extent of his understanding, Stephanie didn't care to be polite to Paul.They went about
doing their own things, neither of them really suffering.

Jenny didn't care about it.

"If he honestly liked her, he should have pursued her and given her a chance to choose, n.ovelebook
not force her to be by his side with his power."

Stephanie had no choice right now.She had to agree with Paul, or else her family would be destroyed.

That was what Jenny found unacceptable.

"That makes sense." Alec understood.

No one liked being controlled.

"When are you planning on letting them move?" he asked.

He was wondering if he had to give Paul a heads up, maybe send him off on errands? He didn't want to
be clamped in the middle of Paul and Jenny.

Jenny thought about it and looked at the renovations.

"It should be soon.Once I settle my business here in Bardoff City, I'll bring them over from Parrington."

"Okay," Alec said nothing much.

Jenny had already made her decision.

There would be no point in wasting his breath.

They left the office complex.

Alec brought Jenny to lunch at a restaurant in the sky.

Jenny looked down at the streets, a feeling of awe washing over her.

The city was glamorous.She didn't know if she'd maintain a steady foothold here.

Alec was thinking differently, though their thoughts were similar.He wondered how best to grow
stronger quickly so that Jenny would have someone backing her up against the Walters.

Both engrossed in their thoughts, it was not a very cheery meal.

On the other side of the city, news spread that Graham had signed off two of his companies to Jenny.

The shareholders were mutinous, but they dared not voice out their opinions.

After all, Walter Inc was where it was today because of Graham.

Besides, those two companies were tiny, not worthy enough of an argument.

Rowena thought differently.

Graham didn't cover up his actions of giving Jenny the two companies.

With such a sudden appearance of someone with the same name, people would start speculating.

They were bombarded with phone calls asking for clarification on Jenny and Graham's relationship.

Even Jolene received such calls.She was dazed.

Could Jenny really have ties with her father? She was afraid.She hated Jenny so much.

How could she share a bond with her father? There was no way! She couldn't accept it.

When Rowena found Graham, he was just finished with a meeting.

He wasn't surprised to see her.

"Why are you here?"

"Don't you know? What do you mean by this? Are you really planning on letting Jenny come back?"

She suppressed her anger, trying hard not to explode.

Graham looked up at her, not answering.

Instead, he asked, "I haven't even had the chance to ask you about what you mean by sending
someone out to kill her even though you knew she's my daughter! Do you think I've grown afraid of
you, Rowena?"

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