Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 504

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You've Changed a Lot

Graham couldn't be bothered to answer Rowena's accusatory questions.

"Would Jolene have turned out like this if not fora mother like you? Why don't you reflect on your own
faults and stop blaming me? You haven't changed one bit all these years, Rowena." She would never
think that there was anything wrong with herself.

Anything that happened would always be someone else's fault.She would never be to blame.

"Yes.I have not changed one bit.Didn't you know that?"

Rowena smiled coldly.

"But you've changed a lot, Graham."

They glared at each other, neither backing down.It was only when the assistant came knocking that
Graham said, "Jenny is coming to dinner tonight.Get the cook to prepare a few more dishes."

"Graham Walter!" Rowena glared at him.

Was he actually telling her to be a host to Jenny now? "Don't forget your place, Rowena.Since you've
married into the Walters, you're one of us now.You will do as I say, got it?"

Graham looked at her coldly, his eyes frosty.He was no longer the pleasant Graham from before.Right
now, he was the head of the Walters.He was a presence feared by the world.

Rowena turned pale.She wished to argue, but she found no reason to retort.

Graham continued, "Don't think you have the Glasses backing you up.

Even if they protect you, Rowena, they won't go against me.

It seems you haven't learned this lesson even after all these years."

Perhaps the Glasses wouldn't mind helping Rowena out here and there, but they weren't n.ovelebook
helping her because she was part of the Glasses.

They helped because she was the matriarch of the Walter family.

They had to help because of that.

How pitiful of Rowena to think that they had her back.

Rowena didn't argue even after a long time.

Graham waved her off.

"Go away and do the things you're supposed to do.You will not worry about anything else."

Rowena turned and left, but she was not convinced.She thought that all of this was Jenny's fault.

Things would not have become like this if she hadn't appeared out of the blue.

The truth was, Rowena didn't really want Jenny to die.

If she was honestly only here to be one of the Walters' daughters, Rowena would not have so much as

But now? Now Graham was prepared to hand the Walters over to her.

How could Rowena accept this? She couldn't just watch her daughter, Jolene, suffer like this.

In the office, Graham didn't know of Rowena's thoughts.

However, in order to understand her, he said to the assistant, "Get someone to keep an eye on her.

Do not give her the chance to do anything to Jenny."

"Yes, sir."

The assistant added, "Quite a few people know that you have given Jenny two of your companies, and
they are calling to ask about your relationship.How should we respond?"

Graham was already prepared for this question.

"Make our relationship public.Say that she is my long-lost daughter."

The assistant was stunned but said nothing.He left soon after.

Graham felt upset that he could not make Jenny's mother's identity known, but he had no choice.

They hadn't married.

If they knew that Jenny was not his and Rowena's elder daughter, Jenny would be reduced to an
illegitimate child.

People would point and stare.

Jenny had already suffered so much.

Graham didn't want her to suffer anymore.

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