Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 506

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Screw You

At once, they walked toward Jenny.

Jolene glared at her.

"Are you Jenny? As expected, you're nothing to look at."

"Really? You can tell, just like that? Well, with that uncultured attitude of yours, I wonder if you're
anything worth looking at." Jenny said those rude words with a smile.It was especially infuriating.


Jolene was infuriated.

What a bitch! She dared to say those things in her house! Jolene motioned forward to hit Jenny, who
didn't move.

Rowena wanted to stop her, but she couldn't.

Jenny wanted to duck.She could, but she didn't.She merely angled her body so that Jolene would not
smack her face.

At last, Jolene's hand landed on Jenny's shoulder, and because of her strength, Jenny fell to the


Rowena was furious.She thought Jolene was going overboard. no.velebook Jolene was about to say
that Jenny deserved it, but a roar sounded behind her.

"What are you doing? Did I raise you to do this, Jolene? "

Graham had appeared in the living room.

Jolene was the picture of a furious woman, and Rowena stood beside her.

Only Jenny was on the ground, a pitiful look on her face.

"Dad! She did it first..."

With a slap, Graham shut her up.

He was extremely disappointed.He hadn't expected his two daughters to be at odds, let alone end up
like this.He'd never bothered to raise Jolene properly, but now he felt he could no longer go easy on

Otherwise, she would commit a heinous crime one day.

Jolene was dazed.

Rowena returned to her senses and stared at her slapped daughter, eyes turning red.

"You've gone mad, Graham! You slapped Jolene!"

"I slapped her because she didn't know how to respect her sister.This is a failure on your part."

Graham didn't regret his actions at all.He thought that Jolene lacked discipline.

Jolene came back to her senses, too.

"Are you slapping me because of this bitch, dad? How could you..."


Graham roared.

"She's your sister!"

"I don't have a sister.My mother only gave birth to me."

Jolene didn't care how unpleasant Graham looked.She looked extremely pitiful and couldn't bear it.

Graham thought he'd get an aneurysm because of her insolence sooner or later.


"It seems that I am not welcome here, Mr.Walter.I'd better get going if so."

Jenny had stood up, and she looked at Graham sadly.

Anyone would feel their heart ache looking at her.

With Jenny looking like that, a stark contrast to Jolene, Graham felt upset.

"Who said that? This is your house from now on.As part of the Walter family, you can stand up against

"Well, if I am to be bullied again in the future, can I get a bodyguard to help me hit her?"

Jenny looked at Graham innocently.

The corners of Graham's lips twitched.He couldn't take back his words.

"Of course."

Jenny smiled.She was waiting for these words.

"You can't bully me in the future, little sister.Or else, I'm not going to hold myself back."

She smiled at Jolene.It was said in good humor, but Jolene could see the seriousness in her eyes.

Jolene was furious again.

"Screw you, bitch!"

She rushed toward Jenny.But this time, Rowena caught her.

"Calm down, Jolene."

Jolene dared to attack right in front of Graham now.Rowena didn't know how else to assuage her

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