Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 508

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If You Provoke Me on Purpose

Jenny was surprised.

Jolene was a little smarter than she thought.She expected Jolene to insist on antagonizing her until the

If that was so, she wouldn't be much of a threat.But if Jolene knew how to control herself, she was
harder to deal with.

"What a nuisance," Jenny thought.

If it weren't for Jolene talking bad about her, Jenny would have ignored her.She might not even have
considered moving in.But Jolene wanted to smear her name, and Rowena had even arranged for
someone to assassinate her.

How could Jenny let this go? She couldn't.

Graham looked at the quiet Jenny and was worried that she would refuse.

"You can go.You don't have to take Jenny around.I'll be taking her."

"You're always so busy at these events, dad.You won't have the time—"

"No one is as important as Jenny," Graham said, cutting her off.

Jolene's jealousy was on overdrive.She couldn't understand why Graham's attitude was so
no.velebook different toward his daughters.

Jenny looked at Graham and said, "It's okay.You can go about your matters.My sister can take me

At the word sister, goosebumps covered Jolene's skin.She felt a chill going up her spine.

"Alright.You don't have to be afraid of her.Just tell me if she dares to bully you," Graham told her.

He obviously suspected Jolene's intentions.

Jolene smiled dryly and said, "I wouldn't bully her, dad.What happened just now was a

Graham said nothing.He handed Jenny a bowl of mashed potatoes, ignoring Jolene.

Only Graham and Jenny found dinner delicious.

Rowena and Jolene were having the worst night of their lives.

After dinner, because Jenny wanted to stay with the Walters, Graham got one of the maids to clear out
a room for her.

Although it was long prepared, he personally took her to her room.

"I don't know what suits your tastes, so I only roughly arranged it.If you don't like it, you can get
someone to change it for you," Graham said.

Jenny looked at the clean and simple renovations.She didn't hate it.She wasn't going to stay there
often, anyway.

"It's great.Thanks for the trouble."

"I'm your father, Jenny.You don't need to be so polite."

Graham was feeling upset.He saw that Jenny hadn't really accepted him as a father yet.

Jenny didn't deny it.

"We haven't met for so many years.You have to give me some time."

"Alright.There's no rush."

As long as Jenny didn't oppose him directly, Graham could wait.

What he feared was that Jenny wouldn't so much as give him a chance.

Jenny cleared her things and went downstairs for a walk.

The villa was huge.

They had flowers and fountains.

Jenny thought it would be nice to stroll around after meals.

"You're probably really happy, aren't you?"

Jolene's voice sounded from behind.She stood in the shadows, hatred seeping through her.

Jenny turned to look at her and smiled.

"I'm alright.Not much to be happy about."

Jenny didn't find joy in letting Jolene get frustrated for a bit.

"I don't know where you got the balls to return to the Walters from.Your mom and my dad never
married.You're just a kid born out of wedlock.Aren't you ashamed?"

Jolene was trying to look for any trace of embarrassment or humiliation on Jenny's face, but there was

Jenny only smiled, instilling a sense of disgust in Jolene.

Jenny looked at the flowers, saying slowly, "I don't know what happened, and I don't care.I really didn't
care about coming here, until Rowena sent someone out to Parrington to assassinate me.I wouldn't
have come here if she hadn't done that.Things are peaceful as long as you don't provoke me on
purpose.And since you have, I won't let you get your way."

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