Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 513

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You Just Want Me To Be Your Corporate Slave

He couldn't let it go.All these years, he tried to surpass Alec to prove he was nothing less than
him.However, he hadn't succeeded.He was just an illegitimate child.

At least Jenny was publicly recognized.

Alfred could only hide in the shadows, something the Fausts had to hide.

"Alec isn't your enemy, Alfred.He didn't cause what you went through."

Jenny spoke slowly in a calm manner.

"If I were you, I'd figure out how to make myself stronger and stop wanting to return to the Faust
family.It doesn't mean that you have to be associated with the Fausts your whole life just because of
your name.With your talents, you could build your own empire."

Jenny felt that if Alfred put his efforts on the right path, he'd be able to forge a future for himself.Alfred
said nothing.She continued, 'What your parents did has nothing to do with you.You can choose to steer
your own life."

"But why is he the one who gets to have everything?"

Alfred was still not letting go.

Faust Group probably didn't mean much in Bardoff City, but they were like royalty in Parrington.

Alfred felt that he would never reach that level on his own.

"Everything that Alec has is also due to his own efforts.When Mortimer suddenly left, Faust Group was
left without a leader.He had to step up and manage an entire company when he was still young.It's not

as easy as you think."

Although Alec had never told her of this, Jenny could picture it.Alfred was still indignant.

Jenny continued, "All these years, you already got a lot of things that he never had."


Alfred didn't understand.

"You had your parents by your side when you grew up.They protected you and kept you company.
no.velebook But what about Alec? Rightfully speaking, he's the one who should hate you."

Jenny felt sorry for Alec.She couldn't imagine how he had endured all those years of being an
orphan.Something stirred in Alfred's heart.

A part of him agreed with her.Then, he scoffed.

"You just want me to be your corporate slave."

"I'm not denying that." Jenny smiled.

"You have amazing talents.I'd like you to stay and work for me, but you're not losing out."

"Not losing out? I could leave and join a bigger company right now, and they wouldn't reject me."

He couldn't figure out where Jenny had the audacity to say things like this.Jenny stroked her chin and
batted her eyes at him.

"Do you remember what you said when I asked you why you wanted to work for me? It was a pretty
good answer."

Alfred was stunned.

What had he said?

"You said you wouldn't achieve anything at a big company.Companies like those would treat you like a
cog in their giant machine.But at Jeneration Group, you could unleash your potential and turn the
company into a large corporation.You could even make it compete with the Ten Elites.Wouldn't that be
a greater achievement?"

Alfred had almost forgotten how to respond when he saw how serious she was being.

Then, he smiled in exasperation.

"Compete with the Ten Elites? You have some serious balls."

"of course.I'm confident in my abilities.Aren't you?"

Jenny stared at him with a determined gaze.

Alfred returned her gaze, unwavering.

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