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Chapter 526

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I Thought You Were Warning Me

Jenny repeatedly declined, causing Randy to become visibly upset despite his earlier good

“In Bardoff City, it’s not wise to isolate yourself,” he said, his tone now lacking the earlier hospitality.

As the wolf had shed its sheep clothing, Jenny was finally willing to look at him.

“So, tell me, what will you do if I insist on being alone?” she asked with interest, wanting to see how
Randy would respond.

Randy’s face froze, aware that he could not treat Jenny poorly, especially since they were at an event.
Even if they weren’t, she was the eldest daughter of the Walters.

He faked a cough to ease the tension. “Wow, you sound so serious. I was only kindly reminding you,
with no ulterior motives,” he said.

Jenny chuckled lightly. ‘Oh? I thought you were warning me just now,’ she said with a little disdain. She
knew that the other guests did not like her and did not know how to interact with her, but they didn’t
dare to express their feelings outright because of her position in the Walter family.

The two lapsed into silence, with Randy unsure of what to say. He felt that conversing with Jenny was a
waste of time, given that she clearly did not like him.

Looking up, he noticed that Jolene and Brandon were conversing nearby. After Brandon whispered
something into Jolene’s ear, she smiled, and Brandon walked to the stage.

Randy knew that the show was about to begin. He glanced at Jenny, who was still eating, seemingly
unaware of the commotion around her.

“I don’t think you’re willing to acknowledge me as family. Since that’s the case, I’ll get out of your hair. I
hope you won’t regret your decision today,’ Randy said. He wanted to gauge Jenny’s response toward
him. If she had reacted well, Randy might have even supported her. Alas, things didn’t go as he had
imagined, as Jenny didn’t take him seriously at all. no.velxoIf she took over the

Walter family, it would not benefit the Glass family. Jenny was baffled by his behavior. Was she obliged
to make him feel good just because he offered her a favor?

Just then, she noticed Alec looking at her from a distance. She couldn’t explain why, but she was
happy to see him there. They nodded to each other, and that was as far as Alec dared to do. He didn’t
want to draw attention to her.

Alec wanted to tell everyone at the party that Jenny was his, but he knew it wasn’t the right time. He
would do it when he was strong enough. Jenny was unaware of Alec’s thoughts, and soon, someone
came to greet her because of her status as Miss Walter.

At that moment, someone else came up beside Alec.

“Isn’t she dazzling?” Christopher said, looking at Jenny with a hint of regret in his eyes.

Even Christopher could only nod and say hello to Jenny on that night’s occasion.

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