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Chapter 530

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Do You Think You’re That Important?

“Don’t think too much of yourself. I didn’t expose you simply because I didn’t take your scheming
seriously. As for making you accept me?” Jenny smiled mockingly at Jolene. “Why would it matter to
me whether you accept me or not? Do you really think you’re that important?”

“Jenny!” Jolene nearly roared at her. She would have hit Jenny if she wasn’t worried about the people

“I warned you not to mess with me, but you obviously didn’t take my words to heart.” Jenny slowly
approached her, giving off an ominous vibe.

Although Jolene was a little scared, she bit the bullet and stared back at her. “In that case, don’t blame
me for being rude,” Jolene threatened. What Jolene cared about most was her father’s favor, and
Jenny was about to take away what she cared about most.

As the two were talking, someone approached them. Jenny composed herself before turning to the

“James?” she called, a little surprised.

“Jenny.” James Windsor smiled, looking at Jenny affectionately.

Jenny left Jolene to talk to James.

“James, what are you doing here?”

She was surprised to see him. He was one of Mr. Birkett’s students, just like her, but he was often
occupied with other things during her time learning from Mr. Birkett. In fact, despite being under Mr.
Birkett’s tutorship for many years, she had only seen James a few times.

Nonetheless, it didn’t affect their relationship as James was like a family member to her. Therefore, she
was elated to see him.

“My family lives here,” James said, without saying much about what the Windsor family does.

However, Jenny already knew. She had researched the Ten Elites of Bardoff City and knew that the
Windsors was one of them.

“I didn’t expect you to be so secretive.”

She hadn’t expected James to come from such a great family. She had always assumed he was just
from a rich family and learning Mr. Birkett’s craft was just his hobby. Little did she know, her assumption
was so different from reality.

“Well, I must say, you outdo me at that, Jenny Walter.” James cracked a joke.

Jenny waved her hand, saying, “Hey, I just found out too.”

“Don’t worry, it’s better this way. From now on, I’ll protect you in Bardoff City, and no one will dare to
bully you.”

In the past, he wanted to protect Jenny, but he was the heir of the Windsor family in Bardoff City, while
Jenny was merely an ordinary person. Due to their different backgrounds, they didn’t have much in
common. He figured things would go nowhere, even though he liked her. But things were different now
as they seemed to be standing on the same ground.

Jenny expressed her gratitude. “I never got a chance to thank you for your help at the Parrington

When she auctioned Mr. Birkett’s paintings, she was questioned about their authenticity. Back then,
James had shown up to help her, but he was gone just as quickly as he had come, and Jenny had no
chance to thank him.

Finally, she had the chance to thank him. James responded, “You don’t have to thank me. There will be
more opportunities in the future.”

He had a business trip in Parrington during the auction. Curious about who was auctioning off his
master’s paintings, he was determined to take a look. He never expected that Jenny was the one
auctioning them off.

He had even formed a negative opinion of her at the time, thinking she was heartless for auctioning off
the paintings due to a lack of money. Thus, he didn’t stay for long at the auction. However, fate brought
them together again.

If he had known earlier, he would have stayed in Parrington for a little longer.

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