Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 544

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Am I Prejudiced?

Despite wanting to stay, James left Jenny’s room out of consideration of her injuries and recovery. After
he left, she finally returned the missed calls on her phone. First on her list was Jade, followed by
Graham. She informed them that her phone had died but did not bring up the topic of her injuries. She
hid the truth from Jade because Jade would be worried, and she didn’t tell Graham because nothing
would come out of it.

At this moment, she had no evidence pointing to Rowena and Jolene. If she blindly accused the two in
front of Graham, he might think she was up to no good just to bring them down.

She needed sufficient evidence to show Graham the true face of Rowena and Jolene, for she wanted
him to deal with them with his own hands. That was the main reason she refused James’ help. Only by
showing Graham the true colors of his wife and daughter would he be disappointed in them.

After responding to all the missed calls, she finally got to Alec. She was kept waiting for a long time
before he picked up.

“Were you looking for me?” she asked, wondering if he had seen the gossip online.

On the other end, Alec was staring at the news about Jenny and James on his computer. His eyes
pierced through the photos with a profound look in his eyes.

“Yeah. Why was your phone turned off?” he asked, holding back the anger inside him.

After some consideration, she decided not to tell him about the attack. He’d be worried if he learned
about it, and there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t go up against Rowena and Jolene.

She made up an excuse instead and changed the topic of the conversation.

“Why did you look for me?”

“Nothing much,” he replied.


There was a short silence between them as they tiptoed around their words.

Noticing the awkward shift in the air, she blurted out, “Have you seen the news online?”

“Mm,” he grunted. He knew that he should trust Jenny. Moreover, since they weren’t dating anymore,
he didn’t have the right to grill her over her private life.

“The netizens are making things up. He’s my senior from school, and you knew it too,” she clarified.

Of course, Alec knew James’ relation to Jenny, but that only upset him more. He could tell that James
was interested in her, and the two were growing uncomfortably close to each other by the day.
Moreover, James was part of the

Windsor family, making him the perfect partner for Jenny with his social status. In the past, Alec had
scoffed at the concept of a good match in relationships, but he finally had a taste of inferiority when he
fell victim to it.

Jenny was rather unhappy at his silence. “Did you really think that I’m involved with him?” She was
overcome with an unexplainable disappointment. She hadn’t planned to pick a fight with Alec for not
noticing that she had fainted in the photos-she even wanted to explain the situation to him. To her
dismay, he suspected that she was involved with James.

“I trust you, but I don’t trust him,” Alec muttered.

A little furious, Jenny chuckled loudly at his answer. “Alec Faust, you should not judge others with
prejudice. There’s nothing between James and meyou’re overthinking.’

“Am I prejudiced?” Now, Alec was unhappy as well. He definitely didn’t overthink when he suggested
the obvious fact of James being interested in Jenny. He fully trusted his intuition when he examined
James’ behavior from a man’s perspective, which was usually accurate.

“Aren’t you?” Jenny was angry and amused at the same time. “You’ve been staring at that photo for a
while. Did you notice that I had lost consciousness in the photo? I thought you would trust me even if
you overlooked that detail that would’ve shown you I was attacked. Looking back, perhaps I was too
trusting of you.”

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