Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 563

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Aren’t You Worried About the Glass Family?

Jenny said nothing, knowing Jolene would never agree to it, for now, at least. She believed she
deserved better, like James, for example.

Unfortunately for her, James didn’t feel the same.

Just then, Alec started placing the food on the table. Jenny got up to help him. ‘Rest a while. I’m gonna
go help Alec.”

She had said her piece to Graham. All that could be done now was for the man to make a decision.
Someone as intelligent as he was bound to come up with a win-win solution.

“It’s alright,’ Alec said when Jenny entered the kitchen. “I can handle this myself. Go sit.’

“I’ve been sitting all day.” Jenny quipped, taking the platter of brisket from Alec’s hands. She set it on
the table, then went back to the kitchen. Alec had already started making another dish.

“You don’t need to make so much food. What if we can’t finish it all?” Jenny was worried Alec might tire
himself out. There were already five different courses on the table, and still, he wasn’t stopping. She
knew he wanted to leave a good impression on her father, but he really didn’t need to overdo it. After
all, no one could stop Jenny from making her decisions in life, not even Graham.

“This won’t take a second, promise,” Alec replied. He wasn’t actually tired. In fact, he was feeling
energized and giddy after overhearing their conversation in the living room, especially knowing Jenny
was firm about their relationship. He had to do his best to support her, as well as get on Graham’s good

With the last dish of spinach lasagna ready, Alec went to his place and brought over a bottle of his
finest red.

“Care to have a drink, sir?”

“Sure. We’ll see who can hold their own.” Graham scowled. No way was he going to let Alec get him

Alec poured him a glass, then got something non-alcoholic for Jenny.

As Graham observed him, he concluded that if Alec wasn’t dating Jenny, he might actually find him to
be a decent man. However, that wasn’t the case.

When the three had sat down, Alec raised his glass to Graham. “A toast to your health, sir.”

Graham raised his glass in turn, clinking glasses with Alec.

“Don’t drink too much,’ Jenny warned before eating a mouthful of salad.

Graham sampled Alec’s cooking, finding it difficult to not admit that his food was top-notch, on par with
the chef he had hired at home.

“I heard you plan to move the Faust Group’s headquarters to Bardoff City?’ Graham asked lightly.

Alec nodded. “Yes. There are better business opportunities there. It’ll be closer to Jenny too.”

“Huh. Aren’t you worried the Glass family will mess with you?” Even some of their mild antics had
caused Alec great inconvenience. One could imagine what great trouble would land on Alec if they
started plotting against him once they knew he was going to move his place of business to Bardoff.

Alec smiled. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. One can’t just retreat in the face of a challenge.”

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