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Chapter 561

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Don’t Fall For His Tricks

Alec was surprised to see Graham, too, but swiftly calmed down. “Mr. Walter,” he greeted gently.

Graham huffed. “You can stop the act.”

He didn’t like Alec one bit, not only because of his restlessness with Jenny but also what he did to
Jolene in Bardoff City. If it weren’t for Jenny’s sake, he would’ve taken action against Alec already.

Alec wasn’t upset with the man’s attitude. “I have to be polite, sir. You’re Jenny’s father, after all.”

With that, he walked into the house and went straight to the kitchen. It wasn’t his first time there. He
knew his way around after countless times of cooking for Jenny.

Seeing his familiarity, Graham was left speechless. It looked like his daughter had spent a lot of time
with this man. ’Didn’t you say you two weren’t together?” he asked Jenny.

“Yeah.” Jenny nodded. “We’re not together.”

“Don’t worry, sir. We’re just friends.” Alec said after poking his head out from the doorway.

Just friends? Did they take him for a fool? What kind of friend would head straight into the kitchen to
cook for their friend, groceries loaded and at the ready?


Graham went to the kitchen. “You know how to cook?’

“Course he does. His cooking is amazing.’ Jenny put in a good word for Alec Too.

Graham started wondering if Alec had seduced his daughter with his cooking.

Why else would Jenny be head over heels in love with him?

“Why don’t you keep your father company in the living room, Jenny?’ Alec suggested.

Jenny nodded. ’Are you sure you can handle it alone?’

She thought she’d help him with preparing the food, given he was going to cook so many dishes.

“Yes. Don’t worry about me.” He could handle cooking, for sure.

Jenny didn’t question further. She led Graham away from the kitchen, leaving Alec alone.

The father and daughter sat down in the living room. “I think you misunderstood him some. It wasn’t his
fault we divorced in the first place.”

“Who’s fault is it then? Don’t fall for his tricks, Jenny.” Graham warned, hurt that his daughter was
defending Alec.

Wasn’t these all signs pointing to their eventual romance?

With a sigh, Jenny explained everything from the beginning, emphasizing that

Alec never took time to get to know her during their marriage, nor did they consummate it. Obviously,
Jenny was insinuating Graham’s unjust act of having a child with Rowena even though he didn’t love

It was Graham’s first time hearing everything that had happened. He could understand Jenny’s
grandfather’s intentions since no one knew when Jenny would be brought home. The old man must’ve
worried about Jenny’s future.

Hence, he arranged the marriage. Parrington’s most renowned family’s heir was an excellent choice to
ensure her safety and comfort, after all.

The old man could’ve never imagined all that transpired after, however.

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