Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 566

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The Condition

After settling her resignation matters, Jenny left the admin office. She spotted Morgan and her
colleagues gazing at her sadly from afar. With a smile, she went up to them and said, ‘Join me for
dinner tonight. My treat.”

“Of course, I’m coming,” Morgan beamed along with the others. They weren’t as close with Jenny as
Morgan was, but obviously, none of them were glad that things would be returning to what they were
without Jenny.

After they left, Morgan held Jenny’s hand and whined, ‘Are you really going to quit, Jenny? No second

“None.” Jenny shrugged. “I have too many things to take care of in Bardoff. So I have to leave.”

“You are recognized by the Walter family now, after all.” She had found out what had happened from
the news. The social gap between her and Jenny never felt farther than now.

“It’s nothing to do with that. I’m still me. Being accepted by a family that shares my surname won’t
change me into a new person.” She wasn’t leaving because of the Walters influence whatsoever.

Morgan believed her, of course. She still felt sad, though. “Things are gonna go back to how they were
once you leave. Did the chairman let you off easy?”

“Not even a little bit. I’m still on call for surgeries no one else here can take on.”

The chairman had set that condition for Jenny’s resignation to take effect. Morgan grinned. ’That’s
wonderful news!”

“He wouldn’t have let me leave without saving some benefit for himself.’ Jenny scowled. She wouldn’t
be here in Parrington if it weren’t for him. She had been slightly afraid of mentioning the resignation
earlier for that same reason.

Good thing nothing awful happened. The man had just asked her to step in to help now and then.

Jenny hadn’t refused. Helping people and saving their lives was her decided purpose in life, so she’d
continue to do so even after returning to Bardoff City. After Morgan left, Jenny went to her office to pack
her things. She would miss this place, though she hadn’t been working there for long. Just then,
someone knocked on her door. The people standing outside surprised her.

“Dr. Walter, I heard from Dr. Golding that you’re resigning.’ It was one of her patients whom she had
done surgery on before. Behind him were several other patients.

“Yes. But I’ll still be back in Parrington for surgeries the chairman needs me for. You can always come
back here if you need help.”

“I never had the chance to thank you, Dr. Walter, for everything you’ve done, “the patient said sadly.

Jenny could only console him. “You don’t need to thank me. I’m a doctor. It’s what I do. Don’t worry
about my absence. Just take care of yourselves. That’s the one thing you all can do for me.”

The moment she said that, the patients immediately crowded her with gifts.

“Please take these as symbols of our gratitude, Dr. Walter. These are delicacies from my hometown for
you to enjoy.” “I can’t accept these!’ Jenny refused, though she felt indescribably warm and touched,
seeing her efforts being rewarded

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