Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 572

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You Didn’t Bring Any House Gifts?

The next day, Jenny and Alec spent their time sorting things out. Jenny brought Graham to Orchid
Village to pay their respects to her grandfather and inform him that she had returned to her family.

Even though Horace wasn’t related to her by blood, she still viewed him as her biological grandfather.
The old man had raised her to become the person she was today. Not even Graham could compare.

Good thing Graham knew that too. He hadn’t forced Jenny to stop referring to the old man as her
grandpa, nor did he make her pay respects to his father.

In fact, Graham’s father was the one who forced Graham and Jenny’s mother to separate. For that
reason, Jenny would never recognize him as family, even if she cared about the Walters.

Graham paid his respects to Horace as well, gently touching the gravestone.

“Thank you for taking care of my Jenny, sir. She’s a fine young woman today, all because of you. I can
never thank you enough.”

Afterward, Jenny brought Graham to David Wilkins’ home. David hurriedly invited them inside, showing
the utmost hospitality to Graham.Sure, he didn’t know who this man was, but based on his attire, he
could guess he came from a wealthy family.

“Uncle David,’ Jenny greeted kindly, then noticed that Hannah and Felicity were nowhere to be seen.
Felicity had been arrested prior and left in detention for a few days. She should have been bailed out
by now, as Jenny never filed a legal suit against her.

“They’re out right now,” David explained.

Embarrassed, Jenny said, “Uncle, about what happened to Felicity…”

“You did nothing wrong. It was all her.” David nodded. He wasn’t educated, but he knew the basics of
right and wrong.

Jenny relaxed, knowing her uncle wasn’t angry at her. Besides her grandfather and her uncle, she
didn’t value relations with anyone else in the village

“Mr. Wilkins, right? A pleasure to meet you,” Graham greeted politely, guessing that Jenny had a close
relationship with him.

David waved a hand. “Jenny calls me uncle. It would be strange if you called me sir. I know I seem old,
but I promise I’m not. We’re around the same age, I believe.”

The two men then got to know each other’s ages, and Graham smiled awkwardly, “I guess that makes
us brothers.”

“Perfectly alright with me.” David shrugged. He was Jenny’s uncle, and nothing would change that. He
then had Graham and Jenny make themselves at home before going to make lunch in the kitchen, but
Jenny ended up helping him out.

Graham leaned back on the couch, quietly enjoying the cozy environment and rustic air. He could smell
the grass from out the window and hear the wind rustle in the trees.

No wonder Jenny missed this place. He would, too, if he grew up here. Just as he was enjoying his
time, the front door opened. It was Felicity and

Hannah, back from their little excursion. The women gazed at Graham in shock.

“Jenny’s father, right?” Hannah asked.

Graham nodded. “That’s me.” “I’m her aunt, and this is Felicity, Jenny’s cousin. Didn’t you bring any
house gifts?” Felicity said rudely. She had heard from

Felicity that Jenny’s family turned out to be one of the wealthiest in the city.

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