Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 574

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Nothing Good Will Turn Out From This

David relaxed upon hearing that. He truly worried Graham would give the women money, not that he
didn’t care about them, but because he knew very well it wasn’t theirs to have.

“You must give us this compensation today, Jenny Walter!” Hannah commanded angrily. No way would
she let Jenny leave without first paying them.

Felicity didn’t side with her mother this time. Instead, she tugged on the woman’s sleeve. “Let’s just let
this go, Mom. She’s too powerful.”

Ever since Jenny had sicced the cops on her, she had held a level of reverence and fear against Jenny.
She didn’t want her mother to face the same mess.

“She’s too powerful? I’ll show you powerful!” Hannah sneered, finding her daughter cowardly.

Jenny chuckled at how silly she looked. “Yeah? What’ll you do if I don’t give it to you? Beat me up?”

“You…” Hannah realized she had a point. She wouldn’t be able to handle the father and daughter on
her own. Her husband would obviously not come to her aid, either. With that in mind, she softened up.
“Jenny…you’re wealthy now. All my family needs is this little bit to survive. Why are you so stingy?”

Graham felt the same way. This wad of cash was really nothing to him. However, Jenny didn’t want to
be so kind. If it was her family’s money, she wanted a say in how it was given.

“I didn’t get my money from trees, and neither did my father. If you want money so bad, get a job,”
Jenny sneered, glaring at the mother and daughter. “Lazing around at home all day like a pair of fat
ticks while waiting for Uncle David to feed you. Aren’t you ashamed at all?”

As ugly as her choice of words was, it was the truth. David earned only a little from his agriculture work,
which almost always got depleted in the hands of his good-for-nothing wife and daughter. Truly, Jenny
pitied him.

“He’s my husband and Felicity’s father. He should be taking care of us,” Hannah declared pigheadedly.’

Jenny turned away, holding her uncle’s arm. She was angry about this, yes, but it was their reality. She
couldn’t do much. ”Let’s get back to cooking,

Uncle David. Ignore their babbling.’

Before entering the kitchen, she even told Graham, “I’m warning you, don’t give them anything, or you’ll
never see me again.”

The man stared off in silence, shocked at her tone. If this was Jolene speaking to him, he would’ve
exploded with rage. But he held it back because this was his beloved Jenny.

After the two left, Graham went outside for a stroll, ignoring the fuming mother and daughter in the
living room.

Hannah sighed, “Your father is a useless piece of shit. He doesn’t even have the guts to claim that
money, and it’s even given freely!”

“Let’s just forget it. There’s no point arguing with that evil woman. She’s not gonna pity us.” Felicity
didn’t want to go head-to-head with Jenny ever again. She had a feeling she’d be on the losing end.

Hannah nodded. She had really lost her chance now.

In the kitchen, Jenny shoved the pouch of cash from earlier into David’s hands.

“I know this is your family’s affairs, Uncle David, but…if you let them continue abusing you like this,
nothing good will ever turn out for you. You cant take care of them your entire life, and it’s not like they
ever appreciate you for what you did.”

Jenny had already noticed that Hannah didn’t respect David at all. There was no telling what she would
do given the chance.

David was about to reject the money when Jenny cut in again. “This is my token of gratitude. Keep it,
and don’t let them know. Use it for yourself.”

David couldn’t refuse her. “I understand what you’re trying to say… I know what I have to do.”

Whether he really did or he was just saying it, Jenny didn’t know. She could only trust that she had
done her part.

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