Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 577

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Stay the Hell Away

Outside the mansion, Mortimer quietly followed behind Alec, dispirited.

“Are you happy now?” he asked, no longer having the energy to be angry. There was no point. Alec
wouldn’t be affected either way.

Alec stopped and looked back at him. “You’re blaming me for seeing through your crimes? Even wild
beasts look after their young. What does that make you?”

Mortimer’s expression stiffened momentarily. “I never intended for anything to happen to you. I only
wanted to set a safe path for your brother’s future.’

“Brother? I don’t have a brother,” Alec sneered. He was his mother’s only son. She never had any more
children after.

“Deny it all you want, Alfred is your brother.” Mortimer insisted, ignoring his son’s denial.

Alec’s face grew shadowed with killing intent. “If I were you, I’d make sure both you and your son stay
the hell away from this family. Do you really think I won’t lay my hands on the both of you? Think I’m
that kind?”


“I’m warning you now. Once things are settled on my end, I’ll make sure both of you beg for my mercy.
Just you wait,” Alec hissed, then stormed away from the mansion.

Mortimer angrily gnashed his teeth. This brat really wouldn’t give him rest. He was just as mean as his

Since Mortimer couldn’t stay there any longer, he started plotting his next move. He wasn’t about to
give up that easily. Alfred was also Faust—why couldn’t he have a share in the family too?

With that thought in mind, he went looking for Alfred to plan what to do next.

Oblivious to this, Alec went back to the office to continue working. Halfway through, Paul gave him a
call, inviting him out for a drink.

Alec refused the invitation. Tomorrow was the day Jenny would execute her rescue plan, which
success was surer now that Graham was here to help her. That was why Alec would rather Paul spend
as much time as possible with Stephanie. Who knew when he would be able to spend time with her

In the evening, Alec went to Jenny’s as usual to make dinner. Graham remained displeased with him
but was still a big fan of his cooking.

While Jenny was helping Alec wash the ingredients, he asked, “Have you called Stephanie recently?”

“No.” Jenny shook her head. She needed to be careful now more than ever. “I don’t want to risk Paul
getting suspicious.”

“Do you want to give her a call? She might not want to go to Bardoff City, I know,” Alec asked lightly,
paying attention to Jenny’s response.

Sure enough, her eyebrows furrowed instantly. “What do you mean?”

“Paul called me earlier today. It sounds like he’s made some progress with

Stephanie. They’ve been getting along better lately.” Alec secretly guessed that Stephanie had
developed some feelings for Paul too.

Jenny stayed silent for a good while before she said, “I know what you’re saying, but it’s not Paul that
we disapprove of.Jt’s how he does things.Think of this rescue as a test set for him. It’ll make him
understand what you do when you really love someone—not force them to be beside you 24/ 7. That’s
not what love does.”

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