Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 578

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You’re Not Scared, Are You?

Alec understood what she meant, so he didn’t refute her. ‘You have a good point. It’s best that Paul
learns how to truly love someone.”

Otherwise, their relationship might not make it through all the challenges that arose once things turned

Frankly, Alec was quite similar to Paul in terms of romance. He just wasn’t as overbearing—he’d never
dreamt of caging her by his side. Instead, Alec would try and win her over through his actions.

Dinner was soon ready for the three people.

“We’re going back to Bardoff City tomorrow, right?” Graham asked, just to make sure.

Jenny nodded. “Right away after getting Stephanie out, yes.”

Even if Graham was there in person to support this plan, Jenny still didn’t want to risk dallying around.
It was safer to leave as soon as possible.

Graham nodded. He wasn’t concerned about this Paul Wagner fellow, especially when his territory was
limited to Parrington. Things would be different if the man were situated in Bardoff City. After all,
Parrington’s powers couldn’t compare to Bardoff City’s.

Jenny turned to Alec. “What about you? When do you plan to leave for the city?”

“Maybe in a few days. I still have to work to settle here.” He wasn’t going to leave so soon, partially
because of Paul too. Paul was his friend, and he would most likely need to console him after losing
Stephanie. Alec was already feeling bad for not helping Paul. It was the least he could do to retain their

Jenny nodded and ate her food. Graham, however, huffed, “You’re not scared of the Glasses, are you?”

Graham preferred taking action once concrete plans were made to prevent the risk of the odds stacked
against him. How could their plan to take the family over be put into action if Alec wasn’t going to play
his role in Bardoff?

“Don’t worry, sir. I won’t take too much time,” Alec replied kindly. He wasn’t going to lose his temper on
Jenny’s father, of all people.

Before Graham could respond, Jenny said, “Don’t rush things. It’ll do us good to make sure we’re fully
prepared. The Glass family won’t be easy to take down.”

Graham was left staring glumly at her. “This wasn’t what you said before, dear daughter,” he thought.
However, he had lost the right to say things like that when he let the Wilkins family foster her.

After dinner, the three of them returned to their respective rooms to rest. Tomorrow was a big day, after
all. In Paul’s villa, the man frowned when he noticed Stephanie staring off into the distance, deep in

“What’s on your mind?”

Stephanie turned back to glance at him, then shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

“Are you bored?’ Paul went up to her, tone and demeanor much gentler than it used to be.

Stephanie said nothing. In truth, she was worried about her parents. She had barely visited nor called
them because of tight supervision under Paul’s command, wanting them to avoid getting into
unnecessary trouble.

“Alec says Jenny is back in Parrington. Do you wanna have lunch with her? I’ll come with you.”

Paul asked something he had never asked before. He didn’t like Jenny and didn’t want Stephanie to be
in contact with that woman, but he didn’t want to see Stephanie upset, either.

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