Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 582

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You Really Think You're Better?

Paul's tone oozed with confidence, believing Stephanie wanted to stay of her own volition and only left
because of Jenny's meddling.

Jenny didn't share the same thought.

"Steph, do you still want to stay with him?" she asked.

If the answer was yes, she'd leave the two alone right away.Stephanie glanced at Jenny, then at Paul,
and sighed, "No."

Jenny smiled while Paul flew into a fit of rage.

"Think twice before you answer that question, Stephanie Walker!"

Why wouldn't she want to stay? Hadn't they had such a good time together? He had thought she'd
given up entirely on leaving him.

"I have Paul.Countless times.I don't want to stay anymore, Paul.I'm a person, not an object.I know what
I want."

As much as she liked Paul, she wasn't going to stay with him, not when he treated her that way.Paul's
hands clenched into fists.

" then!"

"Well? Steph doesn't want to stay.So, are you going to let us go or force us to stay?" Jenny sneered.

She had already guessed the answer.

"You're not leaving unless I say so, Stephanie Walker."

She was going to stay whether she liked it or not! Paul was an extremely stubborn man.It was tolerable
with Stephanie acquiescing, but way worse if she didn't.

Alec sighed and went up to his friend.Don't do this, Paul.If you truly like her, then cherish her as a
person.You'll only push her away if you force her against her will."

"Shut the hell up!" Paul roared.

"I'll do whatever I want, and you have no right to say otherwise!"

He wasn't in the mood to deal with Alec right now.He had to deal with Stephanie first.

Alec gritted his teeth and said, "You won't touch even an inch of her hair with me here today, Paul."

With that, the two men glared at one another, neither backing down.

Seeing this, Jenny texted Graham to send reinforcements.

Though their winning chance was high with Alec there, she still preferred having Graham's men around
so the two men's friendship wouldn't be put at large risk.

Graham and his men soon arrived.

One look and one could easily tell his men were highly trained professionals.

Yes, they were outnumbered by Paul's men, but in terms of combat skill, Paul was on the losing side.

"You will not keep us here today, Paul Wagner," Jenny said slowly.

Paul had never met Graham Walter, though he had seen the man on television. His expression turned

'You're thoroughly prepared, aren't you?"

Alec was already tough to defeat; now, with Graham's men in the picture, there was no way he would
walk out victorious.

"Of course," Jenny grinned, taking it as a compliment.

Stephanie was unhappy with the current stalemate.

"I don't want to be at odds with you like this, Paul," she said.

"But I just hate the way you treat me.That's why I hope you can use this chance to learn how to respect
someone else, respect your partner."

Paul only sneered, "What's with all the sagely advice, hm? Do you really think you're better than me? I
really thought you liked me, with how you act like you're in love and devoted to me.Turns out you've
been hiding your true colors all this time."

His heart ached like never before, burning with sadness, despair, and rage.

Stephanie's decision to leave that day made him realize how much of a liar she was.She had never
wanted to be with him from the start.

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