Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 589

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What Are You Saying?

Rowena and Jolene's expressions had long turned ugly.

"Dad, I wanna work in the company too," Jolene said hastily.

It hadn't concerned her before, but now she had to do something.

What if Jenny won over everyone's support at the company? Graham looked at Jolene skeptically.

"I thought you said no the last time I asked?"

"I-I didn't know any better then,"

Jolene stammered.

"But I do now.I want to help you with the family business like Jenny."

Her genuine tone touched Graham's heart.

"I'm glad to hear that.You've grown, Jo."

He was then about to permit it when Jenny said, "I don't think that's necessary."

"What are you saying, Jenny? Are you looking down on me?" Jolene fumed.

Jenny's interception had interrupted her father right before he could give his permission.

Jenny continued kindly, "I don't see why you need to struggle as I do.

Why don't you find a nice man to settle down with?"

Remembering that they had this conversation prior, Graham nodded too.

"Has anyone caught your eye lately, Jo?"

Jolene instantly flushed red, a certain Windsor's face appearing in mind.

Graham immediately understood what was going on.

"Which family does he come from? I'll help you two out."


Jolene huffed lightly, feeling embarrassed.

"Jolene is still young.If Jenny hasn't married yet, she shouldn't be in a rush to either,"

Rowena cut in, stopping her daughter from continuing.

She knew who the apple of Jolene's eye was, but they would have no hold over the Walter family if she
married him right now.

Jolene shot her mother a look only to find her glaring at her.So, she quietly shut her mouth, still
confused as to why her mother wouldn't let her speak.

Graham gazed at both women.

"You don't need to worry about Jenny.A fine woman like her is sure to garner plenty of suitors.It's Jo
you should worry about.Find a good match for her soon."

Rowena's face tinged with the slightest red.

It was obvious Graham meant for Jenny to inherit the family business while Jolene would be left
marrying off into another family.

While this pissed her off, she remained polite and didn't let it show.

"I will.But don't you think she should train in the company before that? It'll only do her good, and people
will respect her when she marries."

"Very well."

Graham shrugged, finding reasonable sense in that.It wouldn't do well for the family if Jolene was
laughed at for being uneducated in this regard.

After finishing his meal, he went to his study, leaving the three women around the table.

Rowena's face immediately turned stormy as she glared at Jenny.

"That was your idea, wasn't it? You want Jolene to marry as soon as possible so you can have the
company all to yourself, don't you?"

She was confident it was Jenny's idea since Graham had never once mentioned it before Jenny's
arrival.He never even cared.

"It is.What are you going to do about it?" Jenny shrugged.

She couldn't wait for Rowena to show her true colors so she could finally get some evidence of their
evil acts.

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